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Tips for travellers

If you’re lucky enough to travel internationally, there are going to be stark differences upon your arrival. From multiple languages being on signs, to the local lingo, your journey into the eastern hemisphere is going to be memorial from the moment it begins. Without giving away too much of the experience, here’s some of what you may want to anticipate while you’re abroad. 1) Your phone can potentially become your worst nightmare. Unless you buy a prepaid plan or a European SIM card, your phone becomes a trap for

There’s a season for everything.  There are periods of hard-work and relaxation.  And unfortunately, we’re not always great at managing stress during those periods of hard-work.  We should all take a break at appropriate times in our lives. Sometimes the best thing for your health is slowing down and taking a break.  Traveling and acquiring new experiences is perfect for this.  This doesn’t mean you should go on an extravagant or long vacation (though they are nice).  Small vacations can revive you too.  Do what feels right for you. A

Your destination is right around the corner!  The only thing standing between you and your travel spot is that dreaded flight. If you're like most people, you'll agree long flights aren't fun.  But your adventures and experiences await, so it's a necessary trade off. With some practical tips and patience, you can make your flight more of an enjoyable experience. Staying fresh on a flight will be determined by your specific needs and personality.  Being more prepared and regimented will better serve some individuals.  And some people want less structure and

Traveling is a privilege, and who wouldn't want to make full use of their journeys to explore and experience all that they could get when they are far away from home?? Take your accommodation choices to the next level by booking a stay with these unique hotels for your next trip!   Treehotel, Sweden Nestled in a village of approximately 600, Treehotel is a unique hotel in the sense that it is not a building with rooms in it, but a collective of multiple hotel rooms (named treerooms) spread out in

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Still struggling with what Valentine's Day gift to get for your partner? We've got your back with some ideas! Ranging from pricey options to wallet-friendly ones, take your pick!   Most expensive:(>$50) Compact photo printer A compact photo printer is an absolutely great Valentine’s Day gift for the traveler that loves collecting memories (and be able to revisit them in a physical form). Compact photo printers typically require just a Bluetooth connection for users to create prints of their favorite shots. Furthermore, compact photo printers

When we think of Spring Break, we think of a typical hot, vibrant, and tropical destination like Miami and Cancún. This new year, do not settle for any of those two! Instead, go elsewhere; try new places, or even old! With 4 Spring Breaks in your college years, be special and explore destinations that your peers might not think of (or have thought of, but thought that were just too basic)!   Key West, USA Part of the Florida Keys archipelago, this quaint, little island is famous for its sandy beaches,

Southeast Asia, famous for its sandy beaches and everlasting summer, is also a food heaven for those in search of new flavors to satisfy their adventurous palates. Here we have 5 Southeast Asian dishes that you have got to get your taste buds on in this life!   Pad Kee Mao Where? Thailand. Pad Kee Mao is a stir-fried noodle dish that literally translates to “Fried Drunken”. If you love spicy food, rejoice! Because Pad Kee Mao is served spicy with little chilli peppers. If you don’t think that you can handle

With so many wonderful moments and experience to look forward to in your travels, the one thing you don't want to be doing is wondering if you got the best deal. Fact: there are more than 148 million travel bookings made online each year. Over 65% of the hotel reservations are made from a smartphone for same day booking according to statisticsbrain.com. Expedia says consumers look at 38 different websites before making a booking. Suffice it to say, it is very competitive out there, and within reason, doing a

Travelling is not cheap, so we have compiled 15 must-have items that are below $10 for your next trip! By spending less on the necessities, you can spend more on making your travel experience extra memorable.   1. Moisturizer MUJI At the size of 50ml/1.69oz, this moisturizing milk/lotion is in the perfect size for travelling! Moisturizing is extremely important while travelling, as temperature and weather differences can really mess up your skin’s moisture and health. Keep your skin feeling and looking good on the inside and out!   2. Lip Balm BURT’S BEES As we have

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