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So you're planning, hoping to plan, or have already planned a vacation to an amazing, sunny destination. Perhaps it's one of those gorgeous, all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, or you're planning to enjoy the amazing beaches in Hawaii, in the middle of the ocean. Wherever you are, you're reading this article because you want to make sure you're bringing the right stuff to your vacation. No problem. GMA can help with that.1) Sun Screen & Sunblock, Tanning Oil, Tanning Lotion & Aloe Vera This one may seem like a

You might be having trouble thinking about what you want to do this month. Or you might not have planned it yet. Maybe, you don’t really care but like to read travel blogs for fun – either way, GMA is here to help.What is July all about anyways?If you reside in the northern hemisphere, July is the first full month after the summer solstice and is also recognized as the first full month of summer. For most students, this translates into summer break, freeing you from all the lecture

Israeli food is now trending in the competitive market of NYC restaurants, with new Israeli restaurants popping up all over the city. Because the NYC restaurants competition is so high, the top competitors are likely to change on a weekly basis. as a result many factors go into choosing the best restaurant including: innovativeness, presentation, and memorability.      Taking all of the variables into consideration, we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of places with the best Israeli food in the city. Here’s a list

When it comes to choosing a restaurant what grabs your attention? Is it the food? The diversity? The environment? The cost? The service?  We’re here to help you make that decision by breaking down the options in terms of flavor of food, restaurant environment, service quality, and overall cost.Los Angeles boasts a highly competitive food scene. There are many diverse options, which is a blessing and a curse. Lots of options can lead to decision paralysis, especially when you ask yourself “What is the best Israeli restaurant in

While it may be only getting colder for the next few months, that doesn't mean that you can't find a worthwhile vacation. In fact, many cities are able to utilize colder weather to their benefit, beyond just skiing or snowboarding.    Reykjavík, which translates roughly to "Smokey Bay”, is the most northern based capital on the planet, comprised of a population so small that it hardly compares to most others. However, despite being the hometown of approximately 200,000 citizens, Reykjavík provides a wide range of culture, food, and activities that

When you think of Europe, cities like London and Paris may come to mind. However, you are truly missing out on a hidden gem that is as fun as it is unique in Budapest, located in the country of Hungary. While a “lack” of money has prevented the popular modernization machine to roll through the city and give it a makeover, the way it has recently glitzed up so many other cities on the continent. As a result, some buildings are run-down, plaster is peeling and roads are bumpy,

While the cold weather may be coming in, there are still destinations that provide a tropical getaway year-round, and very few can compare to the natural allure and beauty of Hawaii, specifically Honolulu. As the capital city of the island state, there’s tons of history and culture to explore on and around the island. Leave your coat in the back of your closet, and bring your sunscreen for these luxurious activities that are exclusive to your trip.1) Relax on the Open Sea with a Catamaran Sail   Whether

With the winter slowly getting closer, some may think that taking a vacation to anywhere other than a sunny beach location is the best scenario, but that isn’t necessarily the case. With some careful planning, and especially if you’re searching for adventure, there are few trips that are as exhilarating as a ski trip. With untouched scenery, carefully built lodging activities, and possibly in another country, taking a chance on a ski resort may reward you with so much more than just time on a mountain. These lodges

As we get closer to the end of the year, you can expect temperatures to drop, snow to fall, and summer countdowns starting to litter your social media timelines. Lucky for travelers, it always feels like summer with some of our deals this month. This past month, we’ve discussed visit Mexico, the southern US, and even Cuba, but none of them are the not-so-hidden gem, island country of Jamaica. Even in a region as crammed with tourist hotspots like the Caribbean, Jamaica is an island with an energy

With fall and winter quickly approaching, it’s easy to let all thoughts of seaside vacations slip away. With temperatures dropping and a work schedule already back into its regular pace, who has time to even find a good deal for a vacation. And where could you even go during the colder months of the year that could even be enjoyable? The answer may be closer than you think. With over 820 miles of beaches to explore through, it’s hard to resist the calming waters, warm sunrises and sunsets

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