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Tips for travellers

Packing for a trip, vacation, or holiday sounds easy; but we all know that it is not. What seemed like it should take less than half an hour to complete ends up spanning across 3 full hours. We cannot guarantee that no tears were shed those times, but most of us have been there, done that. That being said, we want packing to be as easy as it should be, so we have prepared a list of basic packing tips for any traveler. Bring basic clothing Plain white

We all know traveling is expensive. But we also know it doesn't have to be or at least there are ways to substantially reduce the price.  There are far too many everyday expenses and costs of living that are taking another dollar out of your pocket for something.  It simply doesn't follow logic and reasoning to expect to go on a holiday and spare no expenses.  It just isn't practical and realistic.  So in order to treat ourselves or our family to a vacation that will etch lifelong memory's

Previously, we got your back with Kosher hotels, but a bigger question that has come up is: where to eat?? Finding places to dine at are already tasks by themselves, but finding Kosher restaurants are even difficult! We know how inconvenient and upsetting it can get, so we have compiled 5 opulent Kosher restaurants around the globe for you to help ease the burden of having to sift through hundreds of restaurants in search of the best ones(on top of making sure that they are kosher!!).   Tierra Sur

As one of the states with the highest Jewish population at approximately 1.3 million, California has a handful of Jewish museums dedicated to the preservation of Jewish history and culture. With different methods of educating and spreading awareness while instilling pride and notions of equality and harmony, these museums are a must-go, regardless of which city your are in!   Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco Founded in 1984, the Contemporary Jewish Museum(CJM) is a non-collecting institute, where it focuses on sourcing the best exhibit there is to foster impactful conversations among

When it comes to travelling, if you are a first time traveler or relatively new to it, there are definitely some things to consider.  Now if you are traveling alone, a few other things to be consider when Safety comes to mind. We would wholly recommend that everyone tries exploring our planet at least once in life.  The benefits and experience to grow and learn from other societies and cultures is well worth it.  But again, we encourage a safety first approach.  To that end, it is not uncommon

If you plan to go abroad, even on a day trip to the United States, you should purchase the best travel insurance you can afford before you leave Canada. Your travel insurance should include health, life and disability coverage that will help you avoid large expenses, such as the cost of hospitalization or medical treatment outside Canada. If you are flying, being insured for flight cancellation, trip interruption, lost luggage and document replacement will save you from major disruptions and additional costs. If you are travelling by car, make

  We have talked about travel agents, how travelling makes us better people, and top resorts for 2017 among other things.  One thing that is consistent among all of our journeys is technology.  Specifically gadgets, like cell phones, cameras or power charges, but there are many more.  As per usual, we thought putting a list together of some of these would help our readers and fellow travelers out. Tracking devices With technology changing fast these days, it is tough to continually have the latest or the greatest.  Thankfully, tracking devices are

Are you open to new experiences, sites, cultures, people? They say the world is our oyster… and it truly is.  But many of us don't embrace this idea.  Over the years, you can find many blogs and articles on this very topic - does travel make us better people.  In our minds it does , without question, without reservation and without doubt.  And below, we have pointed out 9 top reasons why.    1.      Travel Makes Us Realize Who We Really Are Taking trips overseas really does broaden ones perspective on the world

Travelling is one of those things that people get super excited about.  Sometimes for years in advance. Suffice it to say, it can cost a bit of money, so we want to make sure it is the best trip possible. For the LBGTQ community, it is no different.  A great time is what everyone is looking for.  Depending on where you want to go and what you want to see, the world is your oyster.  But we have narrowed it down to 5 areas that are some of the most

It is hard enough to search all the online information and reduce it down to simple, understandable options.  Each online travel site contradicting the other.  Which ones are telling you the truth? We wrote about how and why you should have a travel agency help design and construct your dream holiday in our previous blog post. But now you just want to get down to business and purchase your holiday and start to get excited as the time gets nearer. You destination is a big part of it.  The airline getting

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