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Mexico is a great place to vacation, especially if you want new experiences and excitement.  There’s something to do for everyone, no matter your personality or interests.  Whether you’re a lone traveler, with friends and family, or on a romantic getaway, you’ll see that Mexico will exceed your expectations.  You’ll return home with unforgettale memories and exciting experiences to share. Here are the top 3 Mexico destinaitons you need to visit. Cancun Cancun is full of Mayan influences.  Before the Spaniards came in 1519, it was a beacon of Mayan culture

Traveling is a privilege, and who wouldn't want to make full use of their journeys to explore and experience all that they could get when they are far away from home?? Take your accommodation choices to the next level by booking a stay with these unique hotels for your next trip!   Treehotel, Sweden Nestled in a village of approximately 600, Treehotel is a unique hotel in the sense that it is not a building with rooms in it, but a collective of multiple hotel rooms (named treerooms) spread out in

When we think of Spring Break, we think of a typical hot, vibrant, and tropical destination like Miami and Cancún. This new year, do not settle for any of those two! Instead, go elsewhere; try new places, or even old! With 4 Spring Breaks in your college years, be special and explore destinations that your peers might not think of (or have thought of, but thought that were just too basic)!   Key West, USA Part of the Florida Keys archipelago, this quaint, little island is famous for its sandy beaches,

Southeast Asia, famous for its sandy beaches and everlasting summer, is also a food heaven for those in search of new flavors to satisfy their adventurous palates. Here we have 5 Southeast Asian dishes that you have got to get your taste buds on in this life!   Pad Kee Mao Where? Thailand. Pad Kee Mao is a stir-fried noodle dish that literally translates to “Fried Drunken”. If you love spicy food, rejoice! Because Pad Kee Mao is served spicy with little chilli peppers. If you don’t think that you can handle

If relaxing on the beach and listening to the waves while having a drink in your hand is your thing, I will suggest considering an all-inclusive resort. Food, drinks and activities included! Check out 10 all-inclusive resorts around the world that we have to share with you! Kosher ones included too!   Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort Dominican Republic Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort, or LHVR in short, is an all-inclusive resort with beaches that stretch out as far as 1,000 miles. Guests are to be pampered in the resort, by the resort, and

New York City, the Big Apple that is adored by the whole world. If you have New York in your bucket list of places to visit, then perhaps you are going to want to save these 5 kosher restaurant suggestions down! Previously, we went all upscale and recommended you 5 luxurious kosher restaurants in the world, so now we have gotten you 5 cheap kosher restaurants!   Taim Falafel & Smoothie Bar Famous for their falafel, this small and quaint kosher vegetarian eatery is a must-go in New York City. They

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