Best Vegan & Vegetarian Eco-Friendly Resorts You Must Visit!

Best Vegan & Vegetarian Eco-Friendly Resorts You Must Visit!

Are you looking for a perfect getaway that is vegan and vegetarian friendly? Look no further than our list of breathtaking eco-friendly resorts. Eco-resorts are becoming increasingly popular as these facilities have minimal impact on the local environments they reside in. Furthermore, these sustainable accommodations allow guests to tap into untouched nature, which provides a serene vacation filled with relaxation and delicious cuisine. Today we will explore some of the best vegan and vegetarian, eco-friendly resorts you must visit! Guide Me Away is here to inspire your next travel! Contact us today if there are any other destinations you want to explore. We provide our customers with the best deals not available anywhere else!

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The Farm At San Benito- Philippines



Firstly, on our list is The Farm At San Benito, located in the tropical forests of the Philippines. Specifically, this resort takes you into a vegan wellness retreat of a lifetime. Furthermore, this luxurious eco-friendly resort sits along with Batangas, Philippines. The Farm is set on Luzon island, surrounded by fruit trees and serene vibes. Visitors can stay in their wonderful rice barns and leaf-roofed houses. Their sustainable organic gardens supply the vegan food provided at their elected restaurants. In addition, there are many other activities to fill your stay with treatment programs, spa days, private yoga lessons, and much more!

The Retreat Wellness Resort & Spa- Costa Rica



Secondly, our list presents The Retreat Costa Rica; this luxurious eco-resort sits in the capital city of San Jose and the coastal peninsula. Specifically, this eco-friendly resort offers travelers plant-based and vegetarian meal options. The retreat has a unique farm for its cuisine of organic fruits and vegetables. Notably, this farm-to-table style dining with a menu that reflects each seasonal harvest. Along with private chef experiences where guests can request any dishes, this resort offers cooking classes. Apart from a delightful food experience, this eco-friendly resort provides its guests with a blissful getaway. A nourishing experience you wouldn’t want to miss!

The Four Season’s Collection- Mexico



Third, on our list presents The Four Seasons’ Collection. Experience luxury in Mexico at this Punta Mita eco-friendly resort. Celebrating the rich culture of Mexico, this resort is a stay you wouldn’t want to miss! Presenting a wonderful space for guests to share their favorite sport, eat, drink, relax, and explore the local areas. There are various family-friendly areas as well as adults-only sites to enjoy. In terms of dining, many restaurants offer vegan and vegetarian options for guests. For instance, at signature restaurant Dos Carnitas, they specialize in plant-based Mexican dishes. Such as mushroom birria, edamame tacos, and other traditional fusions. 

The Stanford Inn By The Sea- California


Next, on our list, we will look into California’s beautiful nature escapes. Diving into Anaheim, California, to experience this wonderful eco-friendly resort. Along the Mendocino Coast sits this award-winning resort that offers many gourmet plant-based cuisine. Also, there are many dining options for gluten-free travelers and vegetarians alike. The Stanford Inn By The Sea is an unforgettable escape. During your stay, you can enjoy luxurious spa treatments, saunas, bars, and renowned restaurants. From strolling along their farm anchorage to cozy wood-burning fireplaces. This resort stay will make you feel right at home. The Stanford Inn is a genuinely sustainable getaway into the magnificent forest.

The Sanctuary- Thailand



Upcoming to our list is a beautiful eco-friendly resort located in Thailand. The Sanctuary extends in the Ko Pha-ngan district, a perfect vacation to reconnect and explore yourself. Firstly, venture into luxurious vegan and vegetarian restaurants to indulge. Also, other dietary restrictions such as allergies and gluten-free diets are covered. Then, you can relax by the poolside or beachfront in harmony. There are many resort accommodations, yoga classes, and spa treatments you can attend throughout the day. This unique experience is personalized to suit your needs, a vacation you definitely wouldn’t want to miss!

Anse Chastanet- Caribbean



Second, to last on our list presents Anse Chastanet. This beautiful eco-friendly resort sits on 600 acres of lush tropical beaches in St. Lucia. Picture unforgettable pristine white beaches, along with a delicious cold drink in hand. This specific eco-resort focuses on providing guests with the best vegan and vegetarian food experience. With chef Allen Susser, he focuses on specialty Caribbean vegan dishes. Guests can enjoy an array of restaurants that offer vegetarian and gluten-free options as well. Book a stay at one of their premium suits, and enjoy a relaxing food getaway you will not forget!

The Laguna Lodge- Guatemala


Lastly, on our list of eco-friendly stays, experience first-class luxury at The Laguna Lodge. This resort is a relatively small stay compared to the other places on our list. The Lodge is an eco-resort and nature reserve in Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. This eco-friendly resort is an unforgettable experience as you enter the Lodge by boat. In terms of diet, this resort only serves vegan and vegetarian food options. If you have any other allergens or a gluten-free diet, there are options to substitute foods. In addition, this Lodge offers many other amenities and activities such as private lessons, spa treatments, and much more!

In conclusion, traveling into the Pacific Northwest, through the Rocky Mountains, into the coastline of California, and tucked into secluded spots around Mexico, you will find luxury eco-resorts. Most Importantly, these resorts embrace nature with environmentally sensitive building techniques. In addition to spectacular food options for gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian travelers. Eco-friendly resorts provide authentic experiences in nature. Moreover, their spa treatments are pure bliss with natural botanicals and organic products. Also, you can enjoy fresh meals created with ingredients harvested from these native lands. Book your next getaway to one of these luxury eco-resorts with us! Which eco-friendly resort do you want to visit? Book with Guide Me Away today!


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