10 Best Luxury Eco-Resorts Around The World

Our list of eco luxury resorts offers breathtaking views with wide-open spaces along with nature’s most coveted resources. These resorts are on the cusp of the newest trends in eco-friendly tourism and provide a sensational getaway for families, lovers of nature, and anyone who wants a taste of our planet’s last untouched spaces. Finally—a five-star experience without the five-star price tag. These luxury eco-friendly resorts are romantic sanctuaries that nurture the soul by elevating your inner and outer wellbeing. Take refuge in luxurious accommodation with nourishing foods, ground-to-ceiling windows, and spa treatments, all while respecting the environment around them.

Mashpi Lodge Eco-Resort- Ecuador

Firstly, this state-of-the-art luxury eco-resort is designed as the perfect springboard for exploring the biodiverse global of the Ecuadorian cloud wooded area. In the middle of the Andean Choco rainforest. A hideaway withinside the clouds handiest reachable to its visitors and placed on an excessive plateau. Furthermore, Mashpi Lodge sits on the forested mountains surrounded by a wooded area. In addition, the floor-to-ceiling glass windows allow you to see the vast, stunning views. Which was constructed using contemporary strategies in sustainable construction and using hydroelectric strength within the near future, is designed to combine with its surroundings. It’s capabilities of minimalist decor, earth tones, smooth traces, and stunning vistas: a cocoon amid the cloud forest with herbal global simplicity, perfect for contemplation and relaxation. Moreover, this luxurious rainforest experience includes many outdoor activities and an expedition room, laboratory, and life center to fill your days of relaxation!

Cala Luna Boutique Resort- Costa Rica

Secondly, Cala Luna is a resort along Guanacaste, Costa Rica, where natural beauty meets luxury. In this tropical paradise, guests have access to two swimming pools, a sparkling marina, an intimate spa, enormous rooms with breathtaking views both indoors and out. Nonetheless, several restaurants satisfy any appetite, activities for children and adults alike, all in a stunning setting. Subsequently, staying at the eco-lodge feels like you’re entering into a hidden world. The guests’ open-plan spaces and secluded accommodations constantly draw in more wildlife than you’d find anywhere else in Costa Rica. Surrounded by rainforest, this eco-friendly lodge boasts its waterfall, natural pool, and waterfalls – it’s like stepping onto the edge of another planet. While the surroundings are lush wild, the rooms are confined to elegant architectural design that eerily merges perfectly with their environment. Definitely an unforgettable experience you wouldn’t want to overlook!

Nihi Samba Eco Luxury Resort- Indonesia

Third, Nihi Samba is an award-winning luxury eco-resort that sits on remote Sumba Island, Indonesia. In particular, this wide range of land and ocean-based experiences caters to the adventurer within you. Along with attentive service and gourmet meals that add to the refined and intimate ambiance. A pristine beach stretching 2.5km is ideal for honeymooners and vacationers looking to glimpse Indonesia’s hidden beauty. From the authentic jungle canopy shower to the modern bathroom equipped with a luxurious minimalist design, you will experience a personal connection with nature through every aspect of your stay. Every corner of the property is designed with a personal touch. For instance, there are secluded beach areas and modern beds with cozy linens and a private outdoor shower for those who prefer a more remote and simple luxury. This luxurious beachfront eco-resort is ideal for those seeking an authentic travel experience.

Kura Boutique Luxury Eco-Resort- Costa Rica

Next, this is an exclusive adults-only resort located in Uvita, Costa Rica. Kura is a beautiful eco-resort in a secluded rainforest. A tropical paradise where you can step away from your busy daily routine and reconnect with yourself and your partner. Here, the real you become the only thing that matters. Lush tropical gardens, elegant pavilions, and an awe-inspiring spa immersive you in a serene atmosphere of total relaxation. In this exquisite environment, you can embrace the rainforest, as you’ll unravel the true meaning of complete bliss and simplicity. In addition, the natural beauty embraces the spirit that emerges from Kura as it will entice you to explore its vast beauty. Specifically, Kura luxury eco-resort has 78 spacious and meticulously designed rooms and suites. The outdoor infinity pool gently waters your toes as you watch the sunset into the ocean far below. There’s no place better to experience serenity.

Park Royal Collection- Singapore

Furthermore, ParkRoyal Collection is a stunning eco-resort located in Pickering, Singapore. Notably, Park Royal has been setting sustainability standards for the hospitality industry since its opening in 2013. On top of that, this resort was built within a luxurious garden oasis. Subsequently, there is an in-house cafe, state-of-the-art in-house calligraphy and painting collection, an authentic Japanese sushi bar, and local live music performances every night. Most importantly, this resort has it all for this incredibly affordable price, starting at $200 a night. Also, their various restaurants abide by a “No Meat, No Problem” plant-based menu, which is quite inclusive for many diets. Open-air, climate-controlled walkways connect each building. In addition, large transiting corridors between buildings house various shops, a bar, and restaurants. Luxurious spa services will also be available in several of the buildings around this open-air courtyard. Certainly an experience you wouldn’t want to miss!

Post Ranch Inn Luxury Eco-Resort- California

The Post Ranch Inn seemingly melts into the cliffs and coastline of Big Sur, California. Mainly this luxury resort was constructed out of sustainable materials. Thus the rooms balance over the Pacific Ocean and are equipped with various indoor/outdoor spaces, glass walls, and wood-burning fireplaces. Firstly, the inn offers 39 guest rooms and two private houses. Featuring unique designs with ocean or mountain views. However, the minimum age to book a reservation at this luxurious eco-resort is 18 years old. Post Ranch’s temptations are irresistible – rejuvenating spa treatments, delicious dining, and natural surroundings that invite relaxation. Next is a list of services and amenities, most of which are complimentary. Aside from concierge service, this luxury eco-resort offers morning yoga classes, guided nature hikes, meditation, and edible tours of the Chef’s Garden. This Ranch perfectly combines a warm home feeling with luxurious amenities.

Soneva Kiri Luxury Eco-Resort- Thailand

Meanwhile, within lush tropical rainforest on an unspoiled island with some of the best beaches in Thailand, Soneva Kiri is a new international luxury eco-resort that combines cutting-edge green technology with unparalleled service and unsurpassed creatures comforts. Hense, Soneva Kiri resort was designed to be as self-sufficient as possible – from the Eco Turbine Generator that produces all the power for the resort to the Organic gardens and vegetarian-only menus. Yet, you can enjoy some of the finest spa treatments available anywhere, dine at one of Asia’s top restaurants or walk through nature trails that lead into beautiful jungle life. Enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, and sunbathing in private bays with incredible coral reefs just under the surface. Overall, this exclusive retreat promises unparalleled luxury amidst tropical rainforest and is one of the world’s best eco-friendly resorts.

Secret Bay Luxury Eco-Resort- Indonesia

The Secret Bay Luxury Eco Resort in the rainforests of Bali, Indonesia, is an intimate luxury retreat. Specifically, guests come for exclusive access to beaches hidden throughout the island. Alongside private villas with accommodating support staff, an on-site chef and concierge team focused on each guest’s needs. Overall, a transformative experience curated just for you. Breathe in the natural atmosphere of rainforest trees, lush foliage, and tropical colors at their signature rainforest gardens or wander through optional gear transports sampling local artisanal products. Firstly, upon arrival, you’ll embark on a truly unique adventure. You’ll be greeted by your villa host, who will serve as your concierge, guide, and conservationist. Once settled into your private retreat, you can lead an authentic rainforest experience with world-class chefs who rely on organic ingredients to create gourmet dinners every night. This eco-friendly resort is an extraordinary way to unwind into paradise.

Chablé Yucatan Eco Luxury Resort- Mexico

Next, escape for a getaway of a lifetime, immersed in the Mayan culture, its history waiting for you. This harmonious energy of old and new structures blends in perfectly with its natural wildlife. The Chablé Yucatán Luxury Eco-Resort rests in the heart of this paradise, just a few miles outside the city of Playa del Carmen and next to the Maya ruins of Tulum. Surrounded by old and new structures that blend in perfectly with its natural wildlife, this luxury resort is an oasis in the jungle. Meanwhile, you can explore, discover, relax and rediscover yourself. Chablé Yucatán offers an array of activities to enjoy under the sun or starry night skies. In short, this exclusive resort is ideal for long-stay vacations, with its spacious accommodations and necessary comforts for guests to relax in their rooms or on the infinity pool deck. A break you wouldn’t want to miss!

Oil Nut Bay Luxury Eco-Resort- British Virgin Islands

Lastly, along the eastern tip of Virgin Gorda, in the coveted North Sound neighborhood, lies a British Virgin Islands luxury eco-resort where the ocean tides meet complete relaxation. Imagine white sandy beaches, rolling hills, all in an unspoiled terrain, spreading across 400 pristine acres and surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. Oil Nut Bay offers freehold property ownership and vacation villa rentals in one of the most beautiful places on earth. From island hiking trails to snorkeling and diving lessons, there are many amenities to explore on this luxury resort. Furthermore, this exclusive eco luxury resort is accessible only by boat or helicopter—a highly protected paradise for those seeking a private island getaway.

In conclusion, throughout the Pacific Northwest, through the Rocky Mountains, into the coastline of California, and tucked into secluded spots around Mexico, you will find luxury eco-resorts. Most Importantly, these resorts embrace nature with environmentally sensitive building techniques—including geothermal systems with on-site greenhouses—and local artisans to provide authentic experiences in nature. Moreover, their spa treatments are pure bliss with natural botanicals and organic products. Also, you can enjoy fresh meals created with ingredients harvested from these native lands. Book your next getaway to one of these luxury eco-resorts with us! Which eco-friendly resort do you want to visit?

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