Local Cancun Restaurants, You Must Try!


Hey foodies!

If you are visiting Cancun, Mexico anytime soon consider leaving your all-inclusive resort and checking out some local delicious places for authentic Mexican food.

 Here are 5 food spots we highly recommend you should try on your next visit to the beautiful Cancun, Mexico

By the way, there are some amazing all-inclusive resorts with gourmet food to check out as well, ask us which ones. 

Taqueria Coapenitos

Av Carlos Nader 25, Bancos, 2, 77500 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico

Craving Tacos and an ice-cold drink? Taqueria Coapenitos is the right place for you. The local restaurant has all kinds of authentic tacos you can think of; beef, pork, chicken, and veggie. With these many tasty options to satisfy your cravings, it will be hard to make a final choice. We won’t be surprised if you cheat on your diet.    

  • Vegan & Veggie options are available 
  • Hours: 4pm – 12am
  • Serves Alcohol

Parque Las Palapas

77500, Tulipanes LB, 22, Cancún, Q.R., Mexico  

The wonderful Parque Las Palapas. This location on our list is not a specific restaurant, but it is an area with food vendors and food trucks with a performance area.  If you want the real authentic taste and experience of the rich and brilliant culture of Cancun, this is the spot to be at. There are many different food choices and souvenirs you can choose from. 

  • Bring Cash
  • Try to go in the late afternoon, when the weather cools down a bit

El Rinconcito de Puebla

Andador Tulipanes 32 Sm 32 Av Tulum, Cancun 77500 Mexico

Need a place to wind down after a long day of exploring Cancun.  El Rincncito de Puebla is the place to be. With traditional Mexican food, great-tasting drinks, good prices, and overall great service. You can never go wrong visiting here; whether you are a solo traveler or coming in a group, this restaurant is a must-visit the next time you go. 

  • Vegan and Vegetarian options are available.  
  • Serves Alcohol 

La Habichuela Cancún

C. 10 Margaritas 25-Mz 20, 22, 77500 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico

With Cancun being right next to the ocean, it only makes sense for restaurants to have a large amount of seafood on their menu.  La Habicheula Cancun is the right place for our seafood lovers. Being in business for more than 40 years, there is a reason why they are around for that long, they must be doing something right.  This is a perfect place for a romantic date with your special someone or a fun family evening. 

  • We would recommend making a reservation, to avoid a potential wait
  • Hours: 12:30 pm to 11:00pm
  • Vegan & Vegetarian options are available

Cafe Con Gracia

Tankah 69 Mza, 1 Lote, 24, 77509 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico 

Brunch. Who does not like brunch? Cafe Con Gracia is the perfect place to have breakfast or brunch, with your friends or special someone.  This cafe serves a wide variety of bagels, waffles, and paninis. For our coffee lovers and our sweet-toothed readers, we did not forget about you. This cafe is known for its coffee drink, frappe, and sweet drinks. This cafe really has it all and is the perfect coffee shop to visit, while you are in Cancun.  

Head to one of these restaurants to experience the mouth watering taste of authentic Mexican food. All of these spots are located in downtown Cancun, just outside the resorts. These food spots will give you an entirely different experience from the all-inclusive restaurants and is definitely worth leaving the resorts, to gain the full experience of Cancun. If you are interested in expanding your palette, book with us today! Guide Me Away provides the best exclusive deals for all its customers.

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