World’s Best Surfing Destinations for Beginners in 2022!

Conquer the waves this year. Make it your goal this year to learn to surf! If you have been thinking about it for a while or the idea just popped into your head, this is a sign to go out and learn. The Guide Me Away team has complied a list of 5 of the best spots to learn to surf for beginners.  

Maui, Hawaii - Thousand Peaks

First and foremost, the best place to learn to surf is the location it was created in! If you want to be able to learn to surf where it originated from and be able to witness the type of waves people many years ago learned to surf on; this is the best place to learn to surf.  Grab your surfboard and enroll in your private lessons. And this will be the start of conquering the waves.   

Lesson Price Estimation: $75 per hour

Catinho de Baia, Portugal.

Catinho de Baia, Portugal, does not normally come to mind when you think about surfing. However, it has the perfect waves for any surfer with little to no experience. With the waves coming in slow but gradually a little faster as it reaches the shores. The shore is long so it won’t be very crowded at times. With its waves and its perfect location, this makes the coast of Portugal perfect to learn to surf!

Lesson Price Estimation: $50 per day

Cowell’s Beach, Santa Cruz, California

If you are an absolute beginner, this beach is perfect for anyone to surf. Although it may get crowded at times, that doesn’t take away the best waves for beginners to develop their surfing skills. The waves are long and gentle making it perfect for beginners.

Lesson Price Estimation: $100

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Considered as the East Coast Capital of surfing, that should already tell you that this location should be a great spot to learn to surf. With several surfing schools in the area and instructed by well-experienced surfers, you can never go wrong with choosing to learn to surf at one of the most popular spots on the east coast.

Lesson Price Estimation: $60

Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Playa Tamarindo has developed into one of the most popular surf spots within Costa Rica, with its location giving many surf breaks, which makes it a great spot for surfing. For any surf, at any level, this location is perfect. Although this spot may get crowded, it is still a wonderful surfing spot to learn to surf.

Lesson Price Estimation: $65

Conquer the waves this year! Here are some of the best-surfing destinations to learn surf this year! Our team at Guide Me Away will more than help you plan your trip because helps you set up all of your accommodations needed to make your surfing trip as comfortable as possible. You can contact us by clicking the button down below, and we will give in-depth answers to your travel inquiries.  Happy Travels!

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