Valentine’s Day Destinations 2022

It’s that time of the year, the day of love.  Spend this Valentine’s Day doing what you and your partner love the most, spending quality time with your loved one. Whether that may be relaxing on a beach, drinking a hot chocolate in front of the fireplace, shopping, or going on a mini-adventure. 

The Guide Me Away team has come up with a list of a few amazing destinations you and your partner should consider, to reconnect with each other on Valentine’s Day.  

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Las Vegas, Nevada

“What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”, you know the saying. Las Vegas is a great place to spend Valentine’s Day. You can indulge in some fun at some of the most famous casinos in the world, taste some of the world’s best food from amazing restaurants, and be able to experience amazing shows.  Overall, Vegas is an amazing place to have lots of fun in. Remember, “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”.  

Spend this Valentine going to a romantic dinner at a high star restaurant, like SW Steakhouse, taking a romantic helicopter ride to oversee the bright lights of Las Vegas, and ending the night off by having fun in casinos. And who knows who guys could get lucky!


The Golden Gate Hotel & Casino is the oldest in Las Vegas! The establishment opened in 1906.

Fairmont Banff Springs, Banff, Alberta

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than relaxing with the beautiful mountain view of the Rockies. Fairmont Banff Springs is a dream mountain resort.  Nicknamed the “Castle of the Rockies,” this resort features a spa that guests can enjoy.  This is the perfect place to reconnect with your partner.    

Spend this Valentine’s Day by having a nice relaxing day in the spa, relaxing all of your stress, and then going on a romantic dinner at Eden, an award-winning restaurant. 

Fun Fact!

Banff National Park has about 53 different species of mammals.

Los Cabo, Mexico

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Imagine this; you and your partner, sitting on the beach, experiencing the waves hitting the shore, the warm sun hitting your skin and, tequila readily available. Well, you don’t have to imagine, spending this Valentine in Cabo, taking a small break from your everyday routine.  

Spend this Valentine by relaxing on the beach, with the person you love most, enjoying the hot sun and escaping your daily worries just for a short period of time. Don’t forget to have a private dinner on the beaching, watching the sunset!

Fun Fact!

Cabo San Lucas is known as “Earth’s End”

Miami, Florida

Miami. What’s there to say about Miami. A city with rich culture, a bright nightlife, amazing food, magnificent beaches and let’s not forget the boat rides that you can take.  Bring your Valentine down to Miami, if you want a little bit of everything; just don’t forget your sunscreen.  

Spend this Valentine’s Day sailing on a luxury yacht with your partner, relaxing and watching the sunset, after a long day exploring the rich culture and amazing food of Miami! We recommend Juvia, for nice romantic dinner. 

Fun Fact!

Miami is the only major U.S. city founded by a woman.


The famous Hawaii. Hawaii is composed of many different islands for our adventurous couples. Spending this Valentine with the person you love most, creating new memories on the magical islands of Hawaii. There is a reason Hawaii is a very popular spot for couples, and you need to experience that first hand.  

Spend this Valentine by having a wonderful dinner on the beach, watching the sunset after a long day of taking a helicopter of beautiful Hawaii.

Fun Fact! 

Surfing was invented in Hawai

Paris, France

Is there a really list of destinations for couples, that does not include the city of love? Paris is a magical place, it has done wonders for couples in the past and will most definitely do wonders for couples in the future. Spend this Valentine in the city of love, experiencing the rich culture of France, and spark deep conversations about new things you will uncover.  

Spend this Valentine at Hôtel Plaza Athénée having a romantic dinner in one of the most beautiful restaurants and then going on a romantic walk exploring the rich culture of France. 

Fun Fact!

The first photograph of people was taken in Paris

These are only some of the amazing Valentine destinations you can travel to. We are some of our favourite locations that we know you will absolutely love and enjoy with your loving partner.  Our team at Guide Me Away will more than help you plan your trip because we know how stressful travel planning can be. You can contact us by clicking the button down below, and we will give in-depth answers to your travel inquiries.  Happy Travels!

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