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12 Best Things To Do in Mexico For The Whole Family

Headed to Mexico soon but not sure what activities to do? You may have heard there is plenty of things to do in Mexico. If you’re headed to any of the major cities including Cancun, Puerto Vallarta. or Mexico City   it can be overwhelming trying to decide what to do during your visit. Good news! We made it a little easier by sharing some of the top activities in each city.


1. Playa Delfines
Here is a brief snapshot of fun things to do in Cancun. If you’re headed to a beach you’ll have to stop by Playa Delfines. Visitors refer to it as the best beach in the world one of their favorite things to do in Cancun! Find a shady spot for the whole family under an umbrella. Enjoy a beautiful beach landscape and a view of several different shades of blue. Be sure to keep an eye out for sea life!

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Ventura Park offers a wide variety of activities including water slides, roller coasters, zip lines, go karts, indoor games, and a zoo! This park has a little something for the whole family and without a doubt a destination for the whole day.

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3. Captain Hook Dinner Cruise. 
Looking to find a night time activity? Climb aboard the Captain Hook Dinner Cruise to witness an incredible view of the Mexican coastline and a stunning sunset. Enjoy your dinner from an exquisite menu including lobster, steak, cooked vegetables, and desert. Be prepared to take your moves to the dance floor at night time and  swashbuckling games. The night will conclude by watching an exciting pirate battle between two boats. Schedule your trip to the Captain Hook Dinner Cruise at Viator.

Los Cabos

1. Los Cabos Eco Tours
At the Eco Tours you’ll find all kinds of opportunities to interact with animals while also helping to improve endangered species. Take advantage of riding a camelor horse along the Los Cabos beaches. Become a part of conservation program where you can free baby sea turtles into the ocean. For all the big swimmers, don’t miss out on the chance to swim with whale sharks.
           Credit: Cabo Outfitters
2. El Arco de Cabo San Lucas (Lands End)
Don’t miss the chance to see this iconic natural monument as well as the tip of the Baja Peninsula. Take a boatto get up close so you can grab a picture with the family. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for whales while you’re out there. You can even take a special trip to snorkel when you’re out there. Tourists refer to this as one of the top things to do in los cabos.
            Credit: Destination 360
3. Wet Fun Water Park
The Wet Fun Water Park is a place with activities for all ages. With many slide options and all kinds of pools, you won’t run out of things to do. The Pirate is one of the favorite sections, where there is slides and giant buckets that get dumped on you. The staff is well known for being friendly and the place is immaculate. Be sure to check out the food and drinks inside!


Puerto Vallarta

1. Puerto Vallarta Sunset Cruise and Candlelight Dinner Show

If your family is looking for night time fun, consider the Puerto Vallarta Sunset Cruise. You’re likely to witness a stunning sunset in Banderas Bay. Fill your belly with a wonderful 3-course meal, served with local specials. Enjoy a night time show about Mexico’s history through the art of music and dance. Plan your night at Viator or Expedia.

2. Whale Watching Cruise in Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta is home of the humpback whale and a great place for whale watching. Spend a half day on a whale watching cruise. Your guide will enlighten you all about whale behavior and marine life. This tour includes lunch and beverages. Those who know the area consider whale watching one of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta.
        Credit: Amstar
After a long day of activities cool down with a nice boardwalk by the sea. The boardwalk is a place to go at all hours of the day but especially favored at sunset. Be sure to keep an eye out for bronze sculptures along the way. If you happen to be walking in the afternoon or night you might see a ritual ceremony of dancers. If walking isn’t your thing, grab a free tandem bike to ride sponsored by the city government.

        Credit: Costa Sur

Mexico City

1. Mexico City Museums

Mexico City offers a tremendous amount of museums and several that are kid friendly. Each museum has a little something special such as spectacular art, activities for kids, and interesting features. Here is a list of a handful of museums to consider when looking for a family outing.

2. Chapultepec Park 
Chapultepec Park has plenty of full day activities including the best museums, zoos,a cultural exhibit, and an amusement park. The amusement park includes tons of exhilarating rides and exhibits with dolphins and reptiles. The Chapultepec Zoo has all kinds of animals including lions, bears, a rhino, and a giraffe.
 Credit: Flickr
3. 6 Flags
If you’re into rides filled with an adrenaline rush, this place is for you! With some of the biggest roller coasters in the world and reaching speeds up to 75 mph.  6 Flags has a total of 48 rides and a little bit to offer for the whole family. It’s one of the best amusement parks in the country and a highlight for visitors looking for things to do in Mexico.

If you happen to check out some of these incredible destinations while in Mexico, give us some feedback, let us know about your family tip. Are you headed to another destination? Check out more blogs from Guide Me Away to find the best family excursions.


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