Top 7 Destinations for your Christmas Travels

Christmas is an amazing time to travel. There are so many different things you can do and see for the holidays. From going to a Christmas market in Europe or visiting an elf village in Canada, there are many unique places around the world that you should consider visiting for your Christmas travels this holiday season.

Here are seven of ideas to get the inspiration flowing:

Jerusalem, Israel

If you are looking for a city with a rich history, Jerusalem is the place to be. The capital of Israel, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and is especially busy at Christmas time.

The city boasts many sights to see during your visit including:

  • Nazareth Christmas Market – an open-air market selling local crafts, food and drinks as well as live performances by local musicians. The lighting ceremony takes place on December 8th each year with plenty to eat, drink and do afterwards too!
  • Christmas Parade where floats parade through the streets while people dance along happily around them (or jump on top of one). There are also plenty of street performers who add some entertainment value so if you want an alternative view then come here!

Bruges, Belgiam

Bruges is one of the most popular Christmas travel destinations in Europe, if not the world. This medieval city has a unique charm that attracts millions of visitors each year, who come to enjoy its beautiful architecture and atmosphere.

Chocolate is the perfect Christmas treat and there are around 50 chocolate shops in Bruges.  If you’re visiting during December, make sure you try some of the local specialities such as Chocolate Truffles or Belgian chocolate waffle balls (Belgian waffles with a hole in the middle). . They even have their own chocolate museum!

A visit to Bruges wouldn’t be complete without seeing its famous canal boats, which are lined up along the canals that run through the city center. You can take a tour on one of these boats, or just enjoy watching them as they pass by while you’re walking around town.

If you’re looking for some Christmas festivities, then Bruges has plenty to offer! 

Lapland, Sweden

Travel to beautiful Pajala in Swedish Lapland for a festive day to remember. The town’s main street is adorned with beautiful lights and Christmas decorations that will transport you right into the holiday spirit. Enjoy some cheery Christmas carols in local restaurants and cafes while indulging on traditional Swedish cuisine.

The home of Santa Clause is another must-visit destination during this time of the year. The North Pole Village has everything from Santa’s House to toy workshops, ice slides and much more!

You can also enjoy some tasty treats at the Kringlan Shopping Center where you can find various restaurants selling seasonal delicacies like gingerbread cookies and mulled wine. If your kids have been good all year round, then they might even get a chance to see Santa Claus himself!



Switzerland is a beautiful country with a great mountain landscape. It has a rich cultural heritage, including the famous Matterhorn mountain. The country offers everyone who visits it an excellent Christmas travel experience that can be enjoyed  by the whole family.

There are many activities available in Switzerland, including skiing, hiking and cycling. Whether you are looking to relax or have fun while you are on vacation, Switzerland has something for everyone!

Rovaniemi, Finland (town of Santa Clause)

Rovaniemi is the town where Santa Claus lives. It’s also a great place to see and even meet him! The best time to visit Rovaniemi is in December when there are many Christmas markets with lots of beautiful decorations, cozy cafes and delicious food, outdoor activities for the whole family, and plenty of snow so you can enjoy skiing or sledding.

The city has four different ways for visitors to get around: tram/streetcar/bus service called “Polar Bear Express;” taxi; walking tours; guided tours by car or by bicycle.


Bora Bora

Christmas in Bora Bora – are you dreaming of a white-sand christmas with blue lagoons and fresh warm air? It sounds too good to be true! But it’s not! Bora Bora is famous for its amazing beaches and beautiful waters. In December, this paradise island becomes even more magical with its Christmas lights. You can spend your entire vacation enjoying this beautiful island without getting bored at all.

Cayman Islands

Christmas in the Cayman Islands is a warm, festive time. The Cayman Islands has become known as the Caribbean’s Christmas Capital with the island’s unique blend of cultural traditions and modern holiday celebrations.

Christmas events in the Cayman Islands include their very own Caribbean Santa – a traditional Caribbean celebration where children meet Santa in his tropical Christmas grotto at select locations throughout the island.

Visit the Christmas fairs & markets for a spectacular shopping experience featuring local artisans and craftspeople from around the world.

And don’t forget the Christmas Tea Parties and Gingerbread House Workshops you can enjoy!

The list above is just a small sample of the places you can visit for your Christmas travels. There are many more options out there to choose from, but we felt these seven locations are some of the best unique choices when looking for a place to spend your holiday vacation.

So if you’re planning on going somewhere this year and want an unforgettable experience during Christmas time then look no further than these incredible destinations!

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