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5 Must-Go Destinations This Spring Break

When we think of Spring Break, we think of a typical hot, vibrant, and tropical destination like Miami and Cancún. This new year, do not settle for any of those two! Instead, go elsewhere; try new places, or even old! With 4 Spring Breaks in your college years, be special and explore destinations that your peers might not think of (or have thought of, but thought that were just too basic)!


Key West, USA

Part of the Florida Keys archipelago, this quaint, little island is famous for its sandy beaches, beautiful weather, rich history, culture, and home to a humongous, concrete buoy that claims to be continental United States’ southernmost point. Catch chickens scattering around roadsides, right by conch-style homes and their unique, uplifting colors that constantly remind you to forget about work and focus on your vacation.

conch-style house greatamericancountry dot com
Conch-style house; Image:

Some things that you can add to your itinerary are:

  • Visit Old Town with Mallory Square just around the corner
  • Take a tour of Ernest Hemingway’s former crib, where he lived not-so happily ever after with his second wife
  • Enjoy a ton of good fun at Key West’s longest man-made beach that stretches half a mile long, Smathers Beach

While in the state of Florida, Key West is not like what you’d expect from Miami. Key West is wonderful for Spring Break goers who are looking for a holiday with more laid back vibes. Soak in the sun, breeze, and therapeutic sands of this island, while catching sunsets on beaches. Oh! And don’t forget to have a taste of Key West’s Key Lime Pie!


Guanajuato, Mexico

This city in Mexico is absolutely delightful, especially with its colonial architecture and history-rich cobblestone streets. No matter the kind of Spring Break activity that you are looking to do, Guanajuato has got your back! It is indeed the perfect spot for those who want a rather relaxed but adventurous break from the books.

Callejón Del Beso; Image:

Some places that you can visit are:

With Guanajuato’s colorful colonial buildings, amazing culture and history, charming windy streets, and picturesque views, it is no wonder that it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles is perfect for Spring Break groups with individuals who are looking to enter a plethora of activities in their itineraries! Whether it is food, sightseeing, museums, entertainment, or nightlife that you are looking for, the City of Angels have them all. And did we not mention about the theme parks??😱

Some recommendations for you:

La La Land is the perfect epitome of different type of cultures coming together to reside in one spot. An absolutely wonderful place for exploration and adventures!

Image: Olenka Kotyk on Unsplash


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

rachel-jarboe-495028 Santo Domingo
A building in Santo Domingo; Image: Rachel Jarboe on Unsplash

One of the oldest cities in the Caribbeans, Santo Domingo is filled with historical sites, but will not bore those who are in search of young fun! If you are looking for a perfect balance between thrill, chill, and a tiny little bit of a road trip, then Santo Domingo is the place you are looking for. Boca Chica is a beach that is only approximately 25 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Santo Domingo; and if you want something more than Boca Chica, Punta Cana is about a 2-hour drive away from Santo Domingo!

Consider these activities:

  • Explore Zona Colonial, which has some of the oldest buildings built in the Americas
  • Sip on a cuppa with some sandwiches at Café Paco Cabana
  • Be fancy at a charming shoe shop (/cocktail bar), named La Alpargatería, selling wonderful espadrilles in the front, and fantastic drinks in the back…
  • Or be wild at Mamma Club

Santo Domingo is a must-go destination, even if it is not for Spring Break! With its richness in history and culture, there’s just so much to learn from the capital of the Dominican Republic.


Banff National Park, Canada

yann-bervas-423268 Icefields Parkway
Icefields Parkway; Image: yann bervas on Unsplash

This one is a special one… bet you didn’t see this one coming! Spring Break may equate to fun in the sun for some, but not for all! If you’re looking for some snowy cold experience this Spring Break, then hop along (or fly) to Banff National Park up north!

Located in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest national park! Banff National Park has countless spots that you can hit on your trip here. From mountains and lakes, to glaciers and icefields, there are plenty of breathtaking views that Mother Nature has created over her lifetime for you to marvel at. If weather permits, you can even hike! There’s plenty of things that you can do at Banff National Park.

Gawk all you want at Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, and many more scenic beauties. Don’t forget to pay Banff Avenue a visit to learn all about the amazing national park that is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site (under the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks ).

john-lee-351482 Moraine Lake
Moraine Lake: Image:


Don’t fall in with the crowd at typical spots and make your Spring Break 2018 a memorable one!

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