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September 2019

When it comes to travelling, there are a lot of things you can choose to take or not to take. Usually some things, like your toothbrush are necessities. Maybe a nice camera too, if you want to be taking photos. Other things aren't as necessary. Like that second carry-on full of chocolates and candy (well, for some that is necessary. Don't worry, we understand). There is however one item that isn't quite so black and white and easy to make a choice on: Travel insurance. Sometimes travel insurance can

With today's post, we will be showcasing an amazing top 10 accommodations that welcome and cater specifically to the community! This list won't differentiate between hotels, resorts and guesthouses; you can always reach out to one of our very own travel experts and they will be happy to help. Casa Cupula in Puerto Vallarta Casa Cupula is one of the top picks on this list and it is only natural that we put it first! On their website they pride themselves as being "Puerto Vallarta's premiere boutique gay hotel". In

We know all about the traditional all-inclusive resorts: food, drinks, spa treatments. The entire array of activities includes many fun water sports, drinking tons of alcohol or tanning on the beach. Of course, sometimes you want something different. Don't get us wrong, all inclusive resort experiences are some of the best experiences of your life time. However, there are some resorts there that offer an extremely unique experience, unlike other resorts. If you're looking for a resort that is something different, sometimes wild - and you're okay with wild, then

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