Our Guide to Being Vegan in Italy

Italy is any food lover’s dream. Even for vegans! At first, it may seem difficult to travel throughout Italy as a vegan, but luckily we have you covered. There are plenty of dishes and restaurants that are more than accommodating to a vegan diet — and of course, you can find pasta around every corner. At Guide Me Away we are strong advocates for eating amongst the locals. Here’s our guide to being vegan in Italy:

Vegan Restaurants

At restaurants, there will usually be a few waiters who can understand at least a bit of English, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared! Traveling as a vegan, eating vegan food in Italy will be simple now that you have our guide!

Helpful words and phrases:
  • I am vegan – Sono vegano/a
  • I do not eat meat or milk products – Non mangio la carne e non mangio i latticini
  • Is there meat? – C’e’ carne?
  • Is there cheese? – C’e’ formaggio?
  • Are there any eggs? – Ci soon delle uova?
  • I do not eat animal products – Non mangio prodotti che vengono degli animali
Words to avoid:
  • Eggs – Uova
  • Milk – Latte
  • Cheese – Formaggio
  • Cream – Panna
  • Meat – Carne
  • Fish – Pesce
  • Chicken – Pollo
  • Pork – Proscuitto, Guanciale
  • Beef – Manzo, Vitello, Coda

Vegan Restaurants in Rome:


First on our guide to being vegan in Italy is Grezzo. Stop by Grezzo to satisfy your sweet tooth. This innovative cafe uses only ingredients that are raw and organic as well as free of gluten, soy, and all animal products. Their unique chocolate desserts are made out of ingredients like virgin cocoa butter, coconut sugar, and coconut pulp.

Il Margutta

Il Margutta is a well-established vegetarian restaurant in Rome. However, they offer many vegan dishes as well. Il Margutta is happy to make any changes or substitutions to your entree to accommodate any diet needs. Additionally, Il Margutta has a strong commitment to sustainability and ensures that all of its partners have been evaluated for similar practices.

Universo Vegano 

Universo Vegano is a fast-food style restaurant that uses all-natural ingredients. Their menu includes vegan burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, and pastries. Universo Vegano has even been called vegan junk food heaven. 

Vegan Restaurants in Florence:


#RAW is a modern, picturesque little restaurant in Florence. The menu offers a wide variety of sandwiches and salads as well as mouth-watering desserts that are all vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free.


If you have a sweet tooth, Crepapelle is the place to be. This colorful restaurant is most known for its extravagant crepes. Their menu also includes salads, smoothies, and juices. In order to be sustainable, Crepapelle is committed to using seasonal products.

Dolce Vegan 

Dolce Vegan is the perfect vegan destination for lunch or dinner. Their menu features classic Italian food like pasta, lasagne, and pizza. Additionally, they offer burgers, salads, crepes, and cakes. Dolce Vegan will definitely satisfy anyone in your family — even if they aren’t vegan!

Vegan Restaurants in Milan:

Al 23

Al 23 is a small take-out only vegan restaurant and food store. This cafe uses local produce and changes its menu daily. In the summer months, there is an outdoor area to relax and enjoy their sugar-free desserts.


BistroBio is a small, unique vegan restaurant in Milan. They are committed to sustainable practices: seasonal ingredients arrive fresh daily from controlled crops and non-GMO supply chains. Their menu is constantly changing but you can be sure to try a dish you’ve never seen anything like before.

Vegan Food

La Sana Gola 

La Sana Gola offers a small menu of Italian vegan and gluten-free foods. Additionally, all of their desserts are sugar-free. La Sana Gola also hosts cooking classes and vegetarian nutrition workshops.

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