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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Travelers

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Still struggling with what Valentine’s Day gift to get for your partner? We’ve got your back with some ideas! Ranging from pricey options to wallet-friendly ones, take your pick!


Most expensive:(>$50)

Compact photo printer
A compact photo printer is an absolutely great Valentine’s Day gift for the traveler that loves collecting memories (and be able to revisit them in a physical form). Compact photo printers typically require just a Bluetooth connection for users to create prints of their favorite shots. Furthermore, compact photo printers are small and can be carried anywhere conveniently! It is great to note that photos printed from such device could even be done by using stickers instead of the regular paper/cards.

Some amazing compact photo printers are:

HP Sprocket Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Photo Printer


Kodak Instant Photo Printer

Kodak Instant Photo Printer


Vacation at a fancy place
Go on a short getaway for a weekend, to places that you and your partner have always wished that you two could have been. It does not have to be a romantic destination, but just something that the both of you would enjoy and be comfortable with! Not only is this a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the wandering soul, but also a fantastic way to create unforgettable memories.

May we suggest these couple of places?:
Isla Mujeres

isla-mujeres dot net

13 kilometers off the coast of Spring Break superstar destination, Cancún, Isla Mujeres is a beautiful island perfect to visit as a Valentine’s Day gift. Besides the crystal clear and dreamily blue sea, Isla Mujeres is a fantastic destination for animal lovers, as the island is entrusted with several rescue and conservation efforts for not just the animals, but the environment too!
The MUSA Underwater Museum is a wonderful place to consider on your trip to Isla Mujeres. Not only is it unique in its own way, it is also an effort by artist, Jason deCaires Taylor, marine biologists, as well as other experts in the field to improve the livelihood and overall environment of the ocean and marine life.


Yukon, Canada

Image: Vincent Guth on

Just like our previous article on Spring Break destinations to go to this year, we’re adding in a destination that is all about outdoor adventures in the cold! A place full of culture and heritage, Yukon is perfect for lovers of all ages to spend time together and create everlasting memories. The cold may not be for everyone, but how can one simply say no to bathing in the wonders of an aurora?!


Fair priced:(<$50)

Passport cover

Image: pina messina on

A good passport cover goes a long way, especially when you’re travelling overseas with a hectic layover schedule. You always want to make sure that everything is in place; no space for mess-ups! That’s why a passport cover makes a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift this year!
May we suggest customized passport covers?


Good shoes
Travelling from any point to another is a huge part of people’s lives. It doesn’t matter whether one stands more than another, or if one stays one stationary spot for longer periods of time compared to another. A good pair of shoes go a long way than just wrapping our feet up, for they provide our two lower limbs protection and comfort. Let your loved one know how much you care for their well-being by getting them a pair of good shoes as a Valentine’s Day gift! Some great brands are Skechers, Keds, and Brooks.

Image: ojodeastronauta on unsplash,com


Pocket on a budget:(<$20)

Luggage weighing scale

Image: Israel Sundseth on

This is what every single traveler needs in their lives! Nobody wants to pay for extra baggage weight at the airport, let’s be real… So getting a luggage weighing scale as a Valentine’s Day gift has got to be one of the best gifts that any traveler out there could get.



Image: Sunrise on

Cancel out all those interruptions and noise on a trip… What a bliss! Earphones are a great idea, because you can use them anywhere, literally, anywhere. Domestic or international, in-state or out-of-state, they never get old. So go ahead and get your partner a good pair of earphones for Valentine’s Day today!



Valentine’s Day may be a day dedicated to expressing love, but don’t forget that every day should be a day and an opportunity for you to show how much you love and care for the people and things around you! Be the greatest gift of all to humanity.


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