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Travel Tips on How to Stay Fresh during a Long Flight

Your destination is right around the corner!  The only thing standing between you and your travel spot is that dreaded flight.

If you’re like most people, you’ll agree long flights aren’t fun.  But your adventures and experiences await, so it’s a necessary trade off.

With some practical tips and patience, you can make your flight more of an enjoyable experience.

Staying fresh on a flight will be determined by your specific needs and personality.  Being more prepared and regimented will better serve some individuals.  And some people want less structure and want more flexibility.

You don’t have to use every tip we suggest.  Mix and match some tips to your personal wants and needs!

Ultimately we want to decrease the amount of mental and physical stress we endure while making the process as enjoyable as possible.  So let’s dive in!


Preparation is key.  Even if you’re a minimalist, you’ll be planning on how to be minimalist!  And it’ll make your flying experience a lot smoother.

I find it helpful to print out boarding passes at home instead of at the airport… it’s just one less thing I have to do when I arrive.

If you have a layover and want special accommodations, check out the airport’s amenities online.  Pre-booking airport lounges may be a good investment if you need to utilize the facilities that the lounge offers.

Prepare to use things that aren’t connected to Wi-Fi (unless you want to pay the cost of using it on the plane).  Strategically keeping yourself busy as much as possible is the key to make flying less of a hassle.

Download music, movies, audio books, or podcasts before the flight.  Bring a book you’ve been meaning to read or a journal for some creative writing.  Bring whatever you want (with the restricted item guidelines in mind).  Just make sure that you have a contingency plan for activities that’ll keep you busy if you can’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Eating healthy and staying hydrated are important if you want to stay fresh on the flight.  If you don’t want to eat food at the airport, it’s good to prepare for this by packing a snack.  But typically, airports will have some healthy options.

It’s also helpful to take a high-strain probiotic supplement before the flight.  This’ll decrease the chances of you getting sick during your travels.

Bring items for napping.  A blanket and pillow will keep you comfortable and will help you fall asleep more easily.  For more minimalist travelers, a comfortable hoodie will suffice.  Earplugs or good-quality headphones to block out sound is helpful as well!

Relaxing jazz or classical music are always on my playlist when traveling!

At the Airport

If you’re running low on time, go through the security queue that has the least number of children (follow the suits and seasoned travelers).  You’ll get through line much quicker.

This is around a good time to eat some food.  Now I can’t recommend a certain diet or type of food to eat, it’ll be different for each person.  But what I will say is that healthier food choices and hydration will be key to preserving your physical and mental energy.

Do what feels natural to you.  Listen to your body.  And stay hydrated!

Take a walk whenever you have the chance.  The scenery may not be amazing, but the movement is good for you (especially since you’ll be sitting for a long time).  This can be easily implemented during your layovers and before your initial flight.  Your cramping legs will thank you.

During the Flight

Meditation is a great tool to use when you’re on the flight.  It’s especially helpful for those who get a little anxious.  You’ll find that it’ll help reduce some mental stress.

Headspace or Calm are both free guided meditation apps that are easy to use (download a few sessions before the flight before you lose Wi-Fi).  Pop some earphones in and give it a try.

Bring sanitizer wipes.  You’d be surprised how much bacteria is on and around your seat (no, we’re not germaphobes).

Now I don’t suggest getting into everyone’s personal space or being obnoxious by wiping everything down.  Just wipe your hands and most used surfaces.

It would be unfortunate to get sick while you’re traveling and having fun.  Keeping your hands sanitized, touching clean surfaces, and having a probiotic will prove effective at reducing the chances of getting sick while you travel.

Again, hydrate!  We can’t stress this enough.  I know that if I’m not drinking enough water on my flights, I feel lethargic and awful towards the end of it.  And this can pour over into your vacation once you land at your destination.

We want you to start your vacation with as much energy as possible!

Lastly, try to sit far away from babies and big groups of travelers (unless of course you love crying babies and loud groups).

If you don’t have the luxury of choosing after observing where passengers are sitting, then may the odds be in your favor!

If you have some awesome tips for long flights, be sure to share them in the comments below!

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