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Why travel makes us better people!

Are you open to new experiences, sites, cultures, people?

They say the world is our oyster… and it truly is.  But many of us don’t embrace this idea.  Over the years, you can find many blogs and articles on this very topic – does travel make us better people.  In our minds it does , without question, without reservation and without doubt.  And below, we have pointed out 9 top reasons why. 


1.      Travel Makes Us Realize Who We Really Are

Taking trips overseas really does broaden ones perspective on the world that surrounds them.  You don’t even need to travel out of country, but instead, visit places you have never seen right in your own backyard.  But regardless of what or where you go, it will be a time to understand who you truly are.  Putting yourself out of your comfort zone will open that door into who you are as a person.


2.      Travel Makes Us Realize Who We Love And Why We Love Them

One of those things that we all look forward to is getting away, not just because we get to go to a beach or see a new museum.  But we get that escape from the demanding parent, or tag along friend.  But we soon realize is that we think about those people when we are away, and that they are a part of our lives and that perhaps, even just a tiny amount we miss them.  And as the journey draws to a close, we have that little twang in our gut or head that tells us we are looking forward to seeing them again soon.


3.      Travel Opens The Mindd

Many a spiritual advisor, health or fitness guru, or general medical practitioner might suggest to meditate or at least relax the mind.  When we travel, we expose ourselves to new ideas, thoughts and approaches to life and this world.  It is a shared human experience and at the end of the day, we are looking for safety, health and peace.  People become open to the unknown, and it equips us to manage our daily lives back where ‘home’ is.



4.      Travel Makes Us Fearless 

To each their own.  Some want to drink and party to late into the night, others kayak down a wild rapid river.  Others to bungee off some high up bridge.  But regardless of the adventure, we push ourselves to achieve the unachievable ( holding a snake around my neck).  Even when they have bungee in your home country, doesn’t that speed and falling and wind across your face feel that much more exhilarating in another city?


5.     It boosts your creativity

Is creative not a word you were expecting to hear, or let alone perhaps be used with your name in the same sentence?  It has been studied that folks who travel and experience different sites and cultures become more inspired and curious and hence more imaginative and creative in how they approach life.  Your mind becomes forced to an extent to adapt and approach or think differently to different (and similar) situations and experiences.  That isn’t a bad thing at all.


6.      It makes you more trusting

Ever eat a scorpion?  Me neither, probably never will.  They put a scorpion atop pizza at our local (global) summer festival – the Calgary Stampede.  I digress, but the point is, you become more trusting of people, society and ideas and are more willing to try things when you travel.



7.      It makes you a better problem-solver

But I am already good at problem solving.  Hmm, maybe so, however, various research again points out that people that have spent time travelling and overseas continue to show they are more likely to solve problems than those that don’t.  The same thing in a different place, culture and society can have different or multiple meanings.  Just because you have a hammer, doesn’t mean you need to find all the nails.


8.   It makes you more open to new things

The goal to travel is different for different people.  Some go to see old friends, others to visit a country they have never been, and others to sit on a beach for a week, and maybe having a nap or too.  Make sure to have sun screen.  But again, each of these places will have things that you might consider crazy or out there, but try it.  Try that weird fruit, or that funny drink.  Maybe it that gym up at the resort, see why there only seems to be 2 people in it ever.  But if you set your mind to it, there will be too many things to try.


9.      It just makes you feel more alive!!!!

Look, we all get to a point where we are aware we are alive, and that death is a part of life.  Stay with me on this one.  But how alive are you?  I don’t mean from a medical perspective.  Do you feel things are dull, not as sharp as they could or should be?  Traveling will make you happier, better at your job, more patient, more humble and just all around more alive, more alive. 


So when you are about to step out of the taxi or your ride to the airport for your trip, and you know you are about to experience something new, just take 1 quick breath, and then run to get on board.  Life is waiting.  And it is awesome.

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