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Travel Insurance: why you must NEVER travel without it

Travel insurance. You must never travel without it! Here’s why:

When it comes to travelling, there are a lot of things you can choose to take or not to take. Usually some things, like your toothbrush are necessities. Maybe a nice camera too, if you want to be taking photos. Other things aren’t as necessary. Like that second carry-on full of chocolates and candy (well, for some that is necessary. Don’t worry, we understand).

There is however one item that isn’t quite so black and white and easy to make a choice on: Travel insurance. Sometimes travel insurance can seem like another expense. Many travelers think: why tack on another expense? The trip might already be way over budget itself.

For others though, it is more like a safety net. To make sure that they’re covered on all fronts. Our travel experts personally agree much more with this opinion, especially if you’re trying to travel on a tight budget. Most of the time when we’re asked if travel insurance is worth the cost, we say yes 100% of the time. Here’s why.

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You need travel insurance should you face a medical crisis or emergency overseas

You don’t need to be a seasoned traveler to know: health insurance that is valid in your country most likely is not valid outside the borders. Many foreign medical facilities and providers require a cash payment upfront. You also do not need to be a doctor to know that medical bills cost an unfathomable amount of money, especially if paid in cash.

Here’s another scenario to take into place. Let’s say you’re climbing a famous structure or mountain, an example being the Great Wall of China. If you or another travel partner sustain a serious injury at the highest point of Heita Mountain in Beijing, you’ll most likely need an emergency evacuation, rather than trekking a mile or two to the nearest exit and hundreds of steps again to ground level. Emergency evacuations can easily reach hundreds of thousands in such a situation.

If you have travel insurance with emergency medical benefits, it can pay for losses due to any type of medical or dental emergencies that occur. The small cost of the insurance weighs very well against the massive costs of oversea medical emergencies.

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Or a different crisis forces you to cancel your trip?

Not just a medical crisis for you while travelling – should a family member or loved one get into an accident, you will need to cancel your trip in order to be by their side.

There could also be other cases. Say a water pipe bursts and your house becomes flooded? Or if you were given an amazing work opportunity, but you’ll need to cancel your trip in order to take it?

Unfortunately, simply cancelling a trip is never easy. Tons of vacation fees are non-refundable. Most of us can’t just simply throw away a vacation investment. That’s when travel insurance become a huge boon on your side. With trip cancellation benefits on your insurance, you will be able to get reimbursement for prepaid, nonrefundable trip costs when you must cancel for a reason as covered by your policy.

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Your destination or trip might face natural catastrophes or other dangers

While definitely not as often, sometimes things will happen. Tornadoes and hurricanes can make it much too dangerous for your aircraft to take flight; if you’re on a cruise, tidal waves and tsunamis definitely put your watercraft in danger as well. Of course, if a hurricane stops your plane from getting to it’s connection with your cruise on time, that’s also coming out of your own pocket.

In the more extreme cases, a natural catastrophe could destroy the accommodations you’re staying in. Earthquakes and volcano eruptions on large scales can completely destroy area and even the city you were planning to travel to.

Terrorism is another thing that cannot be forgotten about and is more apparent than ever. The bombings in Paris happened not to long ago and can definitely happen again elsewhere. It would definitely be unwise to travel during such an event, however all your non-refundable fees would be lost. There are many options in a policy that help to cover these types of unfortunate events.

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Some tour companies actually require travel insurance before they provide you service – and countries too!

Cuba in fact states in many sources that a travel insurance policy with medical coverage must be in effect before they allow travelers into the country. Poland and the Czech Republic requires the same for entry as well. Thankfully in all three countries, if you do end up arriving without insurance it can be purchased at the border, although at a premium.

Aside from that, many tour companies will require that you have travel insurance before taking you on a tour of any sort. Since most tour companies will be taking tourists into parts of the area that they have not been before, they find it imperative that their guests are covered in the event of an emergency.

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Lost and delayed luggage

With delayed luggage, sometimes it can take days to actually receive all the items you’ve packed. Especially if you’ve got a ton of essentials packed in the suitcase that will not arrive until much later into your trip, this can sorely ruin the entire vacation for you.

If your baggage gets lost by the airline then in most cases you will be reimbursed. Though in this case travel insurance can reimburse you much better than an airline could.

The most painful part in this case would be if you’ve arrived for a big day – a wedding perhaps or an extremely important presentation at a business conference. The insurance will help reimburse you so that you can get the items needed to enjoy your trip.

Traveling typically has so many factors to plan and play with. Itinerary, costs, budgeting. Insurance is the last thing that might be on your mind – or it might not, but with our ever turbulent world, it is becoming increasingly necessary.

If you’re of the mind to not want travel insurance, we hope that with our article today we have highlighted why it is so important to have. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to one of our travel experts and they can help answer anything you might be confused about.

Until next time, we wish you all happy and safe travels!

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