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Travel Experts from GMA: Why you should always book with a travel expert

Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating a little bit. It’s not as if you completely can’t book a vacation without an expert. However these days travelling has so many components to it that it is getting harder and harder to keep track of. Looking for vacations and getaways are much harder, increasingly expensive and thus resulting in a much bigger-than-necessary headache.

Sure, some might disagree with me on this. There are definitely people who are able to navigate the arduous journey of booking before the actual journey of vacation. However, there are many others who have difficulty. That’s why our experts are around for you! They can help you with all the difficulty of a vacation and just get you right to the vacation, no worrying needed.

We want you to do the research, we know you like to do that. And we encourage it! But once you are ready and done your research, we would love to go over it so we can discuss what might be the best option for you.

Now you’re probably not convinced travel experts are necessary. If you are convinced, you’re probably wondering: why choose us above all others?

The answer is a little arbitrary, but we’ve got one. In our industry, our number one priority is: you guessed it, you! Our clients and patrons are what help us thrive. It is also socially rewarding to be able to help someone through the hassle of a vacation and be part of creating memories that will last a lifetime. That is what we specialize here at Guide Me Away.

In this special article, we will be showing you the reviews we’ve received in the past from our amazing clients and going in-depth to the service we’ve provided them, above and beyond so that their vacation, trip or getaway is everlasting.

Travelling gets more and more complicated every day.

Vacations should be all about leisure, relaxation and getting a break from your busy life and work. Unfortunately booking the vacation is almost like a full-time job itself. In fact, there will be times when you’ll have a very complicated plan to map out and facing that task can be extremely daunting.

When Gabriela and Natasha came to us, they were already puzzled and had a hard time figuring out how to put all the pieces into place.

When Elia called us about their upcoming Europe vacation we helped Elia along the way booking Elia’s hotels as they decided to go, that meant being there every step of the way making sure Elia’s is staying at safe and central hotels.

Here is what Elia had to say:

Or Maxim, who went on a family vacation to Mexico:



Our experts are always on top of what is new and exciting.

The world is full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Even as you’re reading this, you could be missing out on an amazing experience somewhere else in the world that would never happen again, or maybe only happens once every decade or so. What might be worse is that you wouldn’t even know about it!

This is where our friendly and professional travel experts step in. Revital built up the courage to do what a lot of us wish we could do – pack up our bags and just set on a jet away. Of course, such a trip built upon the spur of the moment is extremely difficult to plan. When he came to us, we helped him map out his entire plan. We know better than anyone that nothing is worse than going on a trip, only to be stumped and confused on your direction.

When Amy came to us, she already had a destination in mind but had no idea what to do there! We’ve all been in those situations. For Amy, we helped do all the research for her and provided her our opinions from our personal experiences in Mexico. We were proud to see how great of a time she had during her trip.

Our experts will be there to support you from start, to finish and even after.

Your happiness is our livelihood. It may sound cliche, but it is 100% true. Our experts put everything they have to make sure your vacation is as amazing as can be. The most tedious tasks, your expert will do for you without question. Whether that is waiting an hour or more on hold for your airline company, you can count on us to do the heavy lifting while you focus on relaxing.

We are very prideful in being very available. Our clients will often need us at any point in the day. If you’re in Asia or Europe, that can certainly mean between midnight and early morning. We will still be there for you! That’s what it means to put our clients and their experiences first above all else.


LGBTQ2IA+ Travelers:

We want to be there for all of our clients, no matter who they may be. One of the toughest challenges you might be faced with is dependent on your sexual orientation and in these cases, special considerations must be made to guarantee your safety while travelling.

The following are some key statistics about LGBTQ travel and risks from AIG Travel:

    • According to the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (abbreviated as ILGA), of the 195 countries in the world, 72 of them are countries where a sexual preference for the same gender is illegal by law and it is safe to assume in many other countries it is culturally shunned or forbidden. Many of these countries will enforce a life sentence in prison and in 8 of those countries, homosexuality is a crime punishable by death.
    • A number of surveys and studies taken show these outstanding statistics:
      • A survey done by the Gay Ad Network notes that 97% of Gay/Bi Men and 99% of Lesbians chose LGBTQ discrimination as their greatest concern when asked about which social and political issues concerned LGBTQ Travelers the most.
      • A study done by Community Marketing Inc says only 11% of their respondents would consider visiting a destination where laws restrict LGBTQ rights.
      • Another study done by Community Marketing Inc notes that 21% of transgender travelers reported a dislike for air travel due to concerns with security checks, issues from identification documents as well as discrimination. Additionally, 45% of transgender travelers have reported a fear of verbal or physical abuse and harassment while travelling.
      • The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has a report stating 32% of LGBTQ travelers feel they are treated differently due to their sexuality when on holidays.

We get many inquiries from LGBTQ2IA+ travelers. Our CEO Lia defines herself as lesbian – Lia knows how hard it is at times to travel, how it feels to be uncomfortable sometimes and she is definitely no stranger to all the challenges that would be faced. It is precisely this that she wants all of our clients, customers and patrons to know that we care so much about the safety and well being of the community. We work tirelessly to ensure that the suppliers and partners we have are aware of the community and are LGBTQ2IA+ friendly.

If this is one of your concerns with travelling, you can rest easy knowing that Guide Me Away under Lia’s guidance will assure you are in excellent hands.


We could list tons and tons of reasons, but we like to let our satisfied clients speak for us! You can view more reviews from Google here, or our reviews from FaceBook here.

Just like a doctor, lawyer, dentist or other, a travel expert will be someone who is educated, committed to care for you and look out for you. Having someone who is motivated for your happiness is something you definitely want to have on your side.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with us now and start your planning to have (one of) the most hassle-free and memorable getaway experiences!

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