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Top 4 Kosher Hotels to Stay at on your Next Vacation

It is hard enough to search all the online information and reduce it down to simple, understandable options. Each online travel site contradicting the other.  Which ones are telling you the truth?

We wrote about how and why you should have a travel agency help design and construct your dream holiday in our previous blog post.

But now you just want to get down to business and purchase your holiday and start to get excited as the time gets nearer. You destination is a big part of it.  The airline getting you to and from your destinations can’t be ignored.  But let’s be honest, the hotel room, where you may or may not spend much of your time in, is still your home away from home.

Now to add a little flavor to your trip, we need to ensure it is a Kosher Hotel.  No Problem, we can help!

We thought we would highlight a few select hotels in popular travel destinations that are either fully kosher and under constant supervision OR offer their guests the option to source fresh kosher food from supervised local suppliers & to be able to eat it in their hotel in their restaurants.

1. Presidential Suites Puerto Plata

The newest luxury accommodations at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort.Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort has been honored with the distinction of receiving the prestigious OK Kosher Certification, one of the most respected global symbols of kosher approval in an era of soaring demand for kosher food. This investment and addition was done in order to

provide a Lifestyle Vacation Experience for both members and guests who keep Kosher. Established in 1935, the OK Kosher Certification is one of the world’s most respected symbols of kosher approval.

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2. My Kosher Hotel

The FIRST and ONLY all-year-round Jewish owned “Boutique” luxurious kosher hotel in Italian Alps. Avi & Belinda Netzer welcome you!

Italian Jewish kosher hotel. Medieval building. Alps.My Kosher Hotel is the first and only Italian hotel with a full Kosher Mehadrin certification. (Bedatz Lugano – Rav Benzion Rabinowitz Shlita – Biale Rebbe). Opened in December 2008, it’s the ideal choice for spending an enjoyable holiday in the heart of the famous Italian Dolomites, surrounded by a unique beautiful landscape.  The Hotel has 53 comfortable and modern rooms and an indoor, heated swimming pool.

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3. Kosher Cancun Hotel & Restaurant Including Shabbat Meals.

Kosher Cancun hotel and sunny beach

Kosher Luxus – Gourmet Restaurant Mehadrin in Cancun is a Kosher Luxus is committed to giving our clients the ultimate vacation experience — everything from the best priced airline tickets, vacation spots, Hotels, and everything that goes into assuring a successful vacation.

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4. New Kosher L’Mehadrin All Year Round Hotel in Cyprus

Escape to a sun-filled vacation at the New Kosher L’Mehadrin Kanarium Boutique Hotel in Larnaca, Cyprus

Kosher L’Mehadrin offers year round, unbeatable pricing, blue seas, golden sand, fishing villages and bustling cities. Larnaca offers a slice of history, where past and present cultures blend together into a beautiful vacation city. It is a true hub of entertainment and tourist attractions.  The Kanarium Hotel is located within walking distance to the local Chabad House, Shul and Mikve.  Guest can enjoy the hotel’s pool and spa, or participate in a variety of day-trip options.

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