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The Top 3 Mexico Destinations You Need to Visit

Mexico is a great place to vacation, especially if you want new experiences and excitement.  There’s something to do for everyone, no matter your personality or interests.  Whether you’re a lone traveler, with friends and family, or on a romantic getaway, you’ll see that Mexico will exceed your expectations.  You’ll return home with unforgettale memories and exciting experiences to share.

Here are the top 3 Mexico destinaitons you need to visit.


Visiting Cancun

Cancun is full of Mayan influences.  Before the Spaniards came in 1519, it was a beacon of Mayan culture for centuries.  Most of the local population is still of Mayan descent.  The Mexican government was looking for tourism spots that they could develop, so Cancun was “rediscovered” in the 1960’s.  It’s been popular ever since.

Cancun is located in one of the youngest states in the country, Quintana Roo.  It has the privilege of being one of the first cities in Mexico to see the sun every morning, due to being furthest east.

The weather is warm all year, with the occasional marine breeze in the air.  Rainy season is from May to October, but there is a high level of humidity that prevents the rain from pouring down for a prolonged period of time.

Cancun’s location on the Caribbean makes it a perfect vacation spot for ecotourism, snorkeling, horseback riding, fishing, golfing, scuba diving, surfing, sailing and other activities.


You don’t visit Cancun without going to the beach.  It’s one of the most popular things that tourists do when they visit.

If you want to experience bigger waves, visit the following beaches to the east: Gaviota Azul, Chaac Mool, Marlin, Ballenas and San Miguelito.  It’s a beautiful view and is ideal for water sports.

If you want smaller waves, visit the following beaches to the north: Las Perlas, Linda, Langosta, Tortugas, Caracol and Juventud.  This is ideal for swimming and sailing.


Sightseeing in Cancun

For those who want to go sightseeing and adventure through Cancun’s beautiful terrain, check out the following places:

The El Garrafon Submarine National Park is a great place to dive and snorkel.  There is a beautiful coral reef with unique marine life.

The Tres Rios is a nature reserve perfect for kayaking, diving, and snorkeling.  Be sure to check out the nearby reefs.

The Contoy Island is a cool wildlife reserve with a bunch of different bird species and marine animals.  The east has jagged rocks, and the west has mangroves and beaches.

There’s a fun cultural experience at the Museo de Arte Popular Mexicano, where you can see unique collections of masks, regional folkloric costumes, religious artifacts, nativity scenes, toys, musical instruments, and gourd art.

What’s Unique About Cancun?

golfing in Cancun

With Cancun getting over 200 sunny days out of the year, it’s a perfect place to enjoy golfing (and the courses are beautiful).  The top places to golf are Club de Gold Pok-Ta-Po, Cozumel Country Club, and Hilton Cancun Beach and Golf Resort.

Also, Cancun has one of the highest bungee jumps in Mexico, up to 70 meters high!  If you’re feeling adventurous and want an adrenaline spike, go check out the Regio bungee.

Festivals and Events

Cancun contains a mix of cultures, bringing pre-Hispanic and Hispanic together.  It’s not uncommon to see cockfights, carnivals, and religious festivals during Easter week and Christmas.

You’ll find celebrations during other important dates as well: December 12 (the Virgin of Guadalupe Day) and April 20 (celebrating the founding of Cancun).


You can go surfing, sailing, scuba diving and other water sports in the bay near Isla Mujeres (an island off the coast of Cancun) as the waters are calm and gentle there.  Also, Laguna Nichupte is a great place for kayaking and boating.

And those facing the open surf will have experience stronger currents but are appropriate for fishing and snorkeling, where you’ll find chad, coronado, sea bass, sailfish, dorado, and red fish.

horseback riding in Cancun

You could also go horse-backing at the Rancho Loma Bonita.

All of the major hotels will have tennis and squash courts, and most popular beaches will have volleyball tournaments.  Kukulcan Boulevard has a special area for cycling and roller-skating.


Attractions in Cancun

If you want to check out some 800 objects belonging to the Maya Culture, check out the Archaeological Museum of Cancun.  These objects were found at archaeological compounds in El Rey, Coba, and Tulum.

There are companies that offer submarine tours.  There’s one in particular that stays afloat and has a section of it that allows you to go underwater and observe the Caribbean marine life.

Aquaworld is a fun theme park and sports center that offers countless water activities.  You could even drive your own boat, exploring mangroves and coral reefs.

Interactive Aquarium is an innovative attraction that offers fun activities for kids and swimming with dolphins.  You can also pet rays, nurse sharks, starfish, and other marine life.

La Destileria is a fun option for the older crowd (at least old enough to drink responsibly).  It’s a museum-restaurant that offers an educational tour on the aging and bottling process of tequila.

Another fun attraction is jeep adventures, which lets you explore the Yucatan jungle for a day.


mariachi band

There are plenty of things to do at night in Cancun.  You could see the Ballet Folklorico of Cancun, presented at the Convention Center.  There’s also “Mexican nights” and other cultural events that are featured at many hotels.

There’s plenty of public dance halls and nightclubs to choose from.  There are all kind of music and delectable imported drinks.  The bars are entertaining and the servers are excellent.

If you want a calmer atmosphere, there are jazz and piano bars.  There’s also traditional mariachi music.

Eating and Shopping

They offer exotic food in Cancun.  Various types of fish are cooked in different ways: chirmole, papatz, tzul, cocido, relleno negro, cochinita pibil and ceviche just to name some.

The top restaurants to dine at are La Habichuela, Lorenzillo’s, Sirenita, and El Mortero.

There are plenty of plazas and large shopping malls where you can buy handicrafts unique to the Mexican culture.  These include items made of pewter, silver and glass, leather articles, hand-painted tiles, oil paintings, leather sandals (huaraches), tobacco, and other imported goods.


Los Cabos

Located at the southernmost tip of the Baja California Peninsula, Los Cabos is a diverse and beautiful place to visit in Mexico.  You’ll find great hotels and condominiums, top-notch golf courses, marinas and restaurants.  It’s very likely you’ll want to revisit once you return from your trip.

It’s dry all year, and Los Cabos claims to have about 300 days of sunshine annually.  The climate is much cooler from December through March.


Some of the best beaches include: Playa Azul is good for surfing, El Chileno is perfect for snorkeling, El Medano Beach is ideal for kayaking and scuba diving, Palmilla is great for windsurfing, and Playa del Amor is a nice beach for just relaxing and hanging out.


whales in los cabos

Whale watching is a must-see in Los Cabos during the winter.

The narrow canyons of the Sierra de la Giganta and the Sierra de la Laguna are fun hikes.

Cabo Pulmo has the only coral reef in Baja California.  It offers a diverse marine ecosystem and fauna.

Visit the San Jose Estuary to see about 200 species of birds that emigrate from Rio San Jose.

The San Jose Swamp is a sight to explore.  A swamp may not strike you as fun or appealing, but it’s a fresh water lagoon that is separated from the sea by a sandbar.  The environment is beautiful and is inhabited by various birds, reptiles, and mammals.

What’s Unique About Los Cabos?

You can try to find hot springs that bubble out of cracks in mountains.  Chat with the locals and try to find some.

Los Cabos is big on golf; it hosts the PGA Senior Slam and has become a part of the international golf community.  The following are some popular courses to visit: Cabo del Sol Golf Course, Cabo Real Golf Course, and the El Dorado Golf Course.

Festivals and Events

If you’re in San Jose del Cabo on March 19, you can celebrate Patron Saint day with the locals.  There will be a fair with dancing and fireworks.

If you’re near Todos Santos on October 12, you can celebrate the Virgin of Pilar with the locals, which includes music and dancing.


San Jose Mission Los Cabos

Visit the San Jose Mission that was founded in 1730 by the Jesuits.  It’s full of fascinating history and you can ride mules or bicycles to visit it.

The Museo de las Californias is a small museum that displays artifacts, maps, tools, photographs, and journals that date back to the 1500s during the expeditions of Cortez.  It’s designed to preserve the history of the area.

If you’re curious about the different marine species found around the area, visit the Pasado Marina de Museo.  It’s a museum whose walls and ceiling are covered with the works of taxidermists.

There is an old lighthouse at Cabo Falso that overlooks part of the bay.  It’s a building that preserves the port’s past and can only be accessed on horseback or all-terrain vehicles.

El Arco is a place full of enormous blocks of rock.  A boat ride will take you near it, and it’s common to see sea lions and seals on the shore, enjoying the warmth of the sun.


You can find a variety of nightlife activities in Los Cabos.  There are popular venues in La Concepcion, north of the Marina.  Squid Roe and Kokomo’s are two popular venues here.

You could also visit Margaritavilla.  It’s famous for offering huge margaritas in 25 different flavors.  It’s very festive and upbeat.

There are also fun fiesta nights featured in various hotels.

Eating and Shopping

Los Cabos is known for its fresh seafood dishes that are seasoned with local herbs and spices.  Specialties include pozole, grilled red snapper with garlic butter, stew made with pork and hominy kernaels, yummy barbacoa, pit-roated goaot, a Yucatan dish of shredded pork marinated in a zesty sauce, and cochinita pibil.

For shopping, you can find unique home furnishings and other local souvenirs, including talavera plates and pottery, silver jewelry, paintings on tree bark paper, and cultural masks.

Puerto Vallarta

Located in the Jalisco State, Puerto Vallarta is in the second largest bay on the American continent, the Bahia de Banderas.  It’s also surrounded by the beautiful Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains.  There are over 40 km of golden beaches, colonial and modern buildings, luxurious hotels, deluxe yachts and sailboats, shopping malls, and golf courses.  It’s on the top list of Mexico destination vacation spots for a reason.

There are four main zones: the hotel area along the shore to the north, Olas Altas, the Centro along the shore in between the above two areas, and residential areas to the east of the hotel area.

It offers a typical tropical climate, with around 322 days of sunshine in a year.  The rainfall is predominately in June and October.


Its beaches alone are enough to attract travelers.  Here is a list of the top beaches to visit in Puerto Vallarta:

El Malecon is a long walkway lined with bronze sculptures that go through the center of town.

El Salado is a beach in the Vallarta Marina that has deluxe facilities (hotels, restaurants, and golf courses).

Las Animas is a cool beach where you can go on horseback and parachute rides.  There’s also a wharf where yachts, water taxis, and watercrafts can rest.

Beach in Puerto Vallartas

Los Arcos is a unique beach due to how the mountains join with the ocean to form peaks and create formations.  It’s a breathtaking sight.

Mismaloya is a great beach for swimmers and divers and is in the back of a small bay.  It has a hotel and restaurant facilities

Yelapa is a white sandy beach with restaurants and a small hotel.  It’s located near a 30-meter-high waterfall.


diving in puerto vallartis

The Los Arco Marine Ecological Reserve is an area where marine birds, mammals, and ocean organisms live.  You can observe them while diving or hanging out by the beach.  It consists of a group of three rock islands.

The Palo Maria is a long hike that takes you past 7 waterfalls.  It takes some work getting through it, but it’s a beautiful and rewarding experience.

You can explore the Sierra Madre Mountains with a jeep, mountain biking, hiking, or jungle tours.  There are additional tours offered as well.

There are lots of boat rides done around the bay.  You’ll be able to watch dolphins, turtles, and humpbacked whales.

What’s Unique About Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta has lots of festivals throughout the year.  The most notable is the Festival Gourmet in November.  More than 20,000 people attend to see local chefs serve up more than 500 gourmet foods, cheeses, tequilas and liquors.  You can take cooking classes, taste wine, sample beer and participate in other activities.

Some other popular festivals are the May Festival between May 21 and June 5, the Mariachi Festival in September, and the Virgin of Guadalupe celebration on December 12.


Plaza de Armas is the city’s main plaza where visitors can see public concerts

You can visit the Parroquia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, an odd-shaped dome that replicates the crown worn by Empress Charlotte in 1860.

You can see different pre-Colombian artifacts on display at the Cuale Museum of Archaelogy.

Visit the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens to see agaves and other native plants.

Visit the Puerto Vallarta Zoological Gardens to see some 350 animals.


nightlife in puerto vallartas

Like the other destination spots, many hotels will organize parties once a week.  You could also see a Folkloric Ballet performance at the University of Guadalajara.

At night you can get a range of musical entertainment, from live jazz and salsa to popular DJ mixes.  Some popular venues include Cactus, El Faro, J.B. and Zapata.

Eating and Shopping

Puerto Vallarta offers more than 250 restaurants with a variety of delicious local seafood dishes, as well as delightful international cuisine.

You could also stroll through cute sidewalks and visit cafes and coffee houses that usually offer live music.

Some specialties in Puerto Vallarta include a red snapper in garlic sauce, the Aztec mixiote, tequila-based sauces, candies and flan.  If you’re a fan of tequila, visit La Casa del Tequila.  It’s a fun shop that specializes in over 50 brands of tequila that you can sample.

You can shop for indigenous handicrafts produced by Huichol Indians, highlighting the fascinating culture and traditions in the region.  They are known for their beadwork, pottery, and glass-blown objects.

Also, you can shop in downtown Puerto Vallarta and in various plazas in the city.

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