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Tackle New York the Right Way

Take one scroll through your social media, or watch TV long enough and one city will almost always be prominently displayed. New York City has earned the reputation of being a city of dreams and adventure. Making it in the Big Apple means success anywhere, and it’s hard to argue it’s allure. The city is filled with immigrants and languages from every corner of the world. Cuisine, music, and culture all meet and mix in local neighborhoods. For a tourist, it could be a lot to take in. Unless you have a plan of action in the city. Follow our plan of action to make sure you make the most of the city on your visit.

1) Everything is going to be smaller.

Unless you’re from the city, then you may not be used to how crammed everything really is in the city. This includes apartments, hotels, commuters on the subway, and even business. It’s not uncommon to have several different floors of a build be home to wildly different business.

In terms of your visit, this could be trouble if you’re uncomfortable in small spaces or not traveling alone. Be prepared to have a smaller hotel room or reserved space in your Airbnb.

If this is a problem, you can always take the NJ transit over to New Jersey from Pen station. It’s a cheap and quick ride that gives you access to other hotels, with larger rooms and a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

2) Everything is going to be more expensive.

There’s no way around it. New York can be pricey if you’re not careful.

Usual restaurants that you’re used to may have their prices raised by several dollars, especially around tourist-filled areas like Times Square. The easiest way to save yourself from this issue is to pick a few local spots with good reviews and take a good look at their menu before you step through their doors.

Also, don’t be afraid to try a new place to eat! New York is filled with good food, and it may very well be worth the money. Find out what the food is prepared with, and if it sounds appetizing, make reservations. In such a busy city, you’ll need to have space reserved for yourself.


3) Be prepared for the day.

Make sure to have everything charged, your wallet and cards all accounted for, and an umbrella just in case you get caught in a random storm. Time can fly by while you’re in the city, and you want to be prepared for anything while you’re out. You also don’t want to be stuck with a dying cell phone battery, or a lack of cash while you’re out on the town. The more prepared you are, the easier it is for you to make the most of your time while you’re out.

4) Know which Borough you want to be in.

New York can be broken down easily do to the subway. If you want to spend the day in Manhattan or Brooklyn, you’re on a train ride away from your destination. There’s no way to see the entire city in one trip, so pick different events and landmarks to visit. If you’d rather walk through Central Park than get lunch in Queens, prepare for a day in the NY sun. If you’d rather visit museums or catch a baseball game, have your camera and tickets ready. There are several exciting permanent and temporary events happening every week in New York, so check online calendars for the city, and see if there’s a borough you’d rather stay in for your visit.

5) Learn the subway system.

Finally, it’s very easy to end up going uptown when you want to be going east, or in the wrong borough altogether. Do not be afraid to ask MTA employees or security guards for help if you’re not understanding how to get to the right station. Taking the subway does cost, and sometimes can be delayed as well. Save yourself the time and energy by knowing exactly which train you need, what station you need to be in, and what direction you’re heading in before you step onto the subway.

With these basic tips, you should be able to make the most out of New York, even if it’s not your first visit to the city. Be sure to spend some time planning out your visit, and always check for any easily accessible events during your stay; you may stumble into a free concert or parade! Let us know what you like most about the NYC!

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