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Types of adventure activities we offer to book for you

Here you’ll find our cultivated list of adventure tours from all over the world. Moreover, we feature the most action-packed, nature-filled, and scenic adventures in your dream destinations

"Wonders of Namibia"

Cats lovers will love this 10-day Namibia adventure which features:

"Thailand Hike, Bike, & Kayak"

Find yourself during this action-packed Thailand adventure. During this 14-day adventure you will:

"Patagonia Hiking"

Patagonia is an iconic destination for the hiking/trekking lover. During this 9-day Patagonia adventure you will:

"Rwanda & Uganda Gorilla Discovery"

For wildlife lovers only, enjoy this 9-day trek from Rwanda to Uganda that features:

"Explore Cape Town & Kruger National Park"

This 10-day adventure through South Africa is perfect for the outdoor lover + features:


Have you ever considered planning your next adventure around your sustainability interests?

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Travelbag’s Responsible Travel Map

Find ways to help the country you’re visiting while away on vacation. For instance, you might find a beach clean up event, charity picnic, etc. To sum up, adding at least one good deed to your trip will make a big difference!


Offset your emissions based on distance flown. In addition, you can also offset your emissions based on the car you drive, the size of your house, or plant up to 100 trees!


Offset your emissions based on distance flown, just enter your destination. Similarly, you can also lessen emissions generated by your car, energy usage, and business. In short, your donations contribute to important programs that provide safe food and water to people. For example, in Kenya and Ghana and provide green energy to rural communities in India.


Reduce your emissions based on distance flown on a trip, purchase extra offset packages to cover your car, home, or give as wedding favors. In addition, your donations will help plant trees. Further, it improves biodiversity and air quality all over the world.

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