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Sandos Finisterra Cabos: All-Inclusive Resort Review

Sandos Finisterra Cabos is considered one of the most famous resorts in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Recently, I took a short trip to the resort to establish my honest review. Here’s what I think of my four night stay.

Photo taken from resort website

Good Qualities of Sandos Finisterra Cabos:

For starters, the location of this resort is very convenient for those who are looking to do things outside of the resort. It’s a short, 5-minute walk to the Marina and downtown where you can find people browsing the many different shops. At night, the streets are filled with people enjoying the nightlife. The security here is also very good. The gate to the resort is kept shut and they are very good at making sure only resort guests enter.

When you arrive at the resort, you are given a bracelet that opens the door to your room. No more worrying about keeping up with your key!

Main Pool at Sandos Finisterra Cabos Resort

Photo taken from resort website

The resort itself is very large, so you don’t feel too crowded. There are a lot of different pools to choose from, and the service here is very friendly! During the day, the resort has various activities to enjoy in and around the pool.

The rooms here either over look the beach, which is so beautiful, or the Marina. From the Sandos Finisterra Cabos resort, you can walk onto the beach and relax on sun chairs.

Points to Consider:

One thing I noticed about the resort is that it’s built in two major sections, meaning you have to walk in between the areas. I don’t see this as being accommodating to those with mobility issues. We used the elevator many times, and they didn’t have much room; they also seemed very old.

While having dinner, we noticed there were prices on the menu, which is odd considering it’s an all-inclusive resort. The food was mediocre, and far from gourmet. If you are wanting gourmet food, this is not the resort to go to.

Photo taken from resort website

When we arrived, we were not given a map of the resort. This made it slightly overwhelming trying to understand where to go. There was a map in our room, but it was in a book that we couldn’t really take with us. And, if you are going to be working on your laptop, be prepared for spotty WI-FI.

In regards to the rooms, there isn’t really anything to write about. The were spacious, but not glamorous. Elite members (those who pay yearly to join) get to enjoy a special restaurant and sun beds by the pool.



If you are wanting to buy activities, don’t buy them from the hotel. Walk the short five minutes into downtown and buy them there.

There is an Uber car service, and it is a cheaper alternative to taking a taxi.

If you booked a private transfer from the airport, ask your driver to take the highway instead of going through the cities. It wall take 20 minutes to get to the resort instead of 45 minutes.

In conclusion, my opinion of Sandos Finisterra Cabos is 3.5 out of 5, and i personally won’t come back. If you are considering a different resort for your vacation, take a look at these adult-only resorts or these all-inclusive family resorts!


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