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5 Southeast Asian Dishes You Must Try Before You Die

Southeast Asia, famous for its sandy beaches and everlasting summer, is also a food heaven for those in search of new flavors to satisfy their adventurous palates. Here we have 5 Southeast Asian dishes that you have got to get your taste buds on in this life!


Pad Kee Mao

Where? Thailand.

Pad Kee Mao is a stir-fried noodle dish that literally translates to “Fried Drunken”. If you love spicy food, rejoice! Because Pad Kee Mao is served spicy with little chilli peppers. If you don’t think that you can handle the spice, then stay away; unless you’re feeling rather adventurous that day! Salty and savory, this spicy noodle dish is a must-try when in Thailand! Pad Kee Mao can be typically found at street vendors or carts, and restaurants.

You can find Pad Kee Mao here at Jay Fai!


Pad Kee Mao
Jay Fai; Image:


Soto Mie

Where? Indonesia.

Soto Mie is a soup noodle dish that originates from Indonesia, but is famous and available in neighboring countries, Malaysia and Singapore. Soto Mie is typically spicy and contains beef, served with cabbage, bean sprouts, tomato, and eggs. However, popular variants include chicken or cow trotters, instead of beef. Soto Mie is prepared differently depending on the locality of where it is made, and is even named a tad differently, such as in Malaysia where it is called Mee Soto. It should be noted that Soto soup is often paired with rice too!

Have a taste of Soto Mie here at Kafe Betawi!


Jln. Metro Pondok Indah 1, Pondok Indah Mall 1 2nd Floor No. 237 – 238, Jakarta 12310, Indonesia

Soto Mie
Soto Mie; Image:


Nasi Lemak

Where? Malaysia.

Known as the national dish of Malaysia, Nasi Lemak is a spicy dish made up by the harmonious meeting of coconut and pandan-infused rice, ikan bilis, peanuts, cucumber, hard-boiled eggs, and sambal. If you want more than just the basic Nasi Lemak, you can always add on curry chicken, beef rendang, curry sotong, and so much more! Nasi Lemak is perfect for those looking to challenge themselves with spiciness, as the sambal (which is primarily the spicy part of the dish) is served on the side, so it does not mix in with the rest of the ingredients in the plate.

Get a taste of Nasi Lemak here at Village Park!


5, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Nasi Lemak
Nasi Lemak; Image:


Bún bò Huế

Where? Vietnam.

Slightly spicy and extremely fragrant, Bún bò Huế is a noodle dish concocted with vermicelli noodles, beef, lemongrass, meatballs, onions, bean sprouts, coagulated pig blood cubes, and a whole lot of wholesome broth. Bún bò Huế hails from Huế, a city that was once home to the royal court. The city is also famous for its many different types of food and cooking styles due to the gastronomical demands of the royal court.

Don’t miss out on the goodness of Bún bò Huế here at Quan Bun bo Hue!


19 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hue, Vietnam

Bún bò Huế
Bún bò Huế; Image:


Lahpet Thoke

Where? Myanmar.

Lahpet Thoke, also known as Burmese Tea Leaf Salad, is a staple dish within the Burmese community. It is famous, and is specially known to be the only dish where tea leaves are considered edible. The dish is made up of pickled tea leaves, peanuts, tomato, beans, garlic, sesame seeds, and sometimes chilli, to name a few. Lahpet Thoke is a perfect combination of spicy, crunchy, soft, and all sorts of yummy.

Dig into a scrumptious plate of Lahpet Thoke here at Mingalabar Myanmar Restaurant!


71st Street, Between 28th & 29th Street, Mandalay

Laphet Thoke
Laphet Thoke; Image:


Try them out when you visit Southeast Asia next, and let us know what you think about them!

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