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Kosher Travel: 5 Accommodations You CANNOT Miss

Whatโ€™s the most difficult part of planning for a holiday? Looking for kosher travel-friendly accommodation while vacationing shouldnโ€™t have to be! Though it can certainly feel daunting, with the immense growth of tourism and dietary needs, many resorts and hotels are stepping up to provide their guests with the best possible experience in dining especially. So we will take the complication out of kosher travel planning. These are the best kosher friendly accommodation options that will make planning your next vacation an absolute breeze.ย 

Kosher Travel Dining Experience



Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun

Situated on a beautiful pristine stretch of white sand beach in Cancun, Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach is positioned for a luxurious beach vacation. Their 602 all ocean-view suites assure that even when youโ€™re sleeping your never far from the sounds of the ocean. Steps away from vibrant nightlife and luxury shopping youโ€™re not too far from diving into the Cancun scene as well. Then when you and your partner are looking for a little quiet time, the Coral Kidz Club offers a fun alternative for your kiddos to play all day!

Even better than all that, thereโ€™s the kosher travel approved dining. Enjoy gourmet meals at the Red Heifer Grill a Kosher Lโ€™Mehadrin Restaurant, just a short five-minute walk away! A true year-round option for those who keep kosher, Red Heifer Grill offers a large variety of gourmet Mexican and international dishes with glatt kosher certification on weekdays. During Shabbat, they offer traditional favorites and cuisine to enjoy for all three meals. The Kashrut supervision is given by Rabbi Yosef Maleh of Mosdot Kaf in Mexico, with full-time mashgiach on the premises. Leave your kosher travel worries at home when visiting Cancun!


ร€NI Anguilla

A collection of private resort villas, Ani offers the highest stay of luxury for group travel. Their resort in Anguilla sits perched high on cliffs overlooking Little Bay Beach. Ten suites make up this luxurious holiday destination so we can assure that you will feel anything but crowded. Choose relaxation or adventure with infinity swimming pools, clifftop hot tubs, state of the art gyms, and complimentary daily massages/treatments. After that take your adventurous side a bit further with additional activity options. How do deep-sea fishing trips, scuba diving or kitesurfing classes sound?

What sets ร€NI Anguilla apart is their exclusive kosher travel dining options. Because of the exclusiveness of each luxury villa, the dining experience is completely catered to you and your group. For instance, work with the executive chef before your stay to assure you are provided with a specialized kosher travel culinary experience! ร€NI Private Resorts extend their kosher guarantee by working with local Chabad organizations on the kosherization of their kitchens. This includes the replacement of dining ware, cookware, and equipment and importing all meats, dairy, and other certified products not otherwise available locally. They often have a Mashgiach to supervise daily in the kitchen based on the size and requirements of the group. Even better ร€NI Private Resorts has locations in not only Anguilla but also the Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, and Thailand!


Cresta Hotel Davos

Explore the Swiss Alps in this beautiful slice of winter paradise. Located in the heart of the town of Davos, take the region’s famous red train around some of the region’s most divine views. Some of Europe’s best skiing trails and winter activities await you at this perfect vacation spot! Furthermore, the hotel offers balcony rooms so you are never too far from a stunning mountain view. Then warm up after a long day of adventure in Cresta’s heated swimming pool and sauna or really sweat in their fully stocked onsite gym. Meanwhile, the Kids Club offers a fun playroom for little ones so you all get the most enjoyment out of your vacation. The synagogue located within the hotel itself offers a quiet place to continue your faith while away from home.

Kosher travel could not be easier at the only hotel in Switzerland that boasts kosher Mehadrin all year round. Under the supervision of Rabbi Shaul Barish, Rabbi of Zurich, all dishes are made to meet halakhic requirements. Cresta Hotel’s Chef Thomas Head creates a true culinary experience through a rich buffet bar and exquisite meals for your evening’s delight. Additionally, their 24-hour cafeteria assures you will never miss a meal! Cresta Hotel truly makes kosher travel easy for everyone.


Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort

Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort is a luxury resort spread across an entire peninsula for the ultimate secluded vacation. With spectacular views of the Aegean Sea, this resort captures the essence of a holiday at its best. Then for the adventurers, the resort’s private beach has an assortment of water sports offered for those who want to go out and play. The Capsis Minoan Amusement Club is designed for all in mind between baby friendly rooms, children playrooms and a teenager’s club. In short, the whole family can enjoy this beach vacation destination!

Located in the center of the resort, the Apleton Kosher Restaurant provides an extraordinary kosher travel dining experience. Their certified kosher distributors provide delightful flavors and options for any taste. The restaurant is open through the summer season with special packages for Shabbat.


Blue Lagoon Kosher Resort & Spa

Located in the friendly town of Paphos on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea, Blue Lagoon Kosher Resort & Spa is a true paradise for kosher travel. Take part in various water sports on the crystal clear ocean or lounge on the white sand beaches. Then dream your night away in large, luxurious suites just steps away from their private beach. When you’re ready to be active again, enjoy the perks of their spa & wellness complex complete with a jacuzzi, sauna, gym, aerobics studio, and treatment rooms!

Blue Lagoon Kosher Resort & Spa offers a full kosher dining room 365 days a year for a never-ending destination for kosher travel. Their exquisite cuisine comes under the strict supervision of Rabbi Yoel Kaplan Shlit’a Chief Rabbi Of Albania. Rest assured, all their products, meats and poultry are glatt kosher, dairy, pat and Israel cocking. Each morning and evening, Israeli chefs offer prepared breakfast and dinner buffets. Additionally, there is also a sandwich bar where you can make lunches to bring on your day’s adventures.

Kosher travel paddle boarding adventures


Travel should be fun and hassle-free, for everyone! Keeping kosher should not limit your sense of adventure and weโ€™re here to help do just that! Though all these accommodations have been highlighted as kosher friendly, be sure to work with your travel expert as they have additional knowledge and training to assure that your experience is exactly what youโ€™re looking for.


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