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Interline Travel: Best Cruise Deals for Airline Employees

Interline travel rates are an undiscovered pocket of savings for those working in the airline industry. These rates can save you 50-70% off the going price! The secret is knowing where to find them and how to book these major deals. Are you ready to find luxury cruises for budget prices? This guide is for you!

Couple on an interline travel vacation

What is an interline travel discount?

An interline discount is a reduced rate that is offered for flights as well as many cruise lines to those that work in the airline industry. For the most part, many are aware of the discounted rates that they can get through flights but not many are as familiar with the incredible discounts that are also available to them through cruise lines as well! Though each cruise line will specify their own set of rules, the basics of interline travel stay the same.  The number one quality that must exist is some kind of relationship with an airline. You could be eligible for these major discounts if you fit into one of these criteria:

  • Current Airline Employee
  • Retired Airline Employee
  • Spouse of an airline employee
  • Child of an airline employee (21 or younger)
  • Parents or in-laws of an airline employee
  • Courier Company Employee (FedEx, UPS, DHL, Airborne Express or Purolator)
  • Traveling and sharing accommodation with an airline employee

Airline employees who are eligible for interline travel rates

Why choose a cruise for your next vacation?

Cruises are an ideal all-inclusive travel experience. If you have never been to one, it is an experience you can’t miss! Cruises typically offer a multitude of experiences from on ship pools, activity centers, and gyms to onshore adventures when the boats dock. If you’re a solo traveler, there are many ‘singles cruises’. Where else would be better to meet others than when stuck on a boat together for days on end with no cellular service! Additionally, cruises are perfect vacations for group travel due to the concept of “something to do for every personality”.

When everyone has had a full day of doing exactly what they want to do, enjoy dinner together with a wide variety of options from on-ship cafes and restaurants. Retreat back to individual rooms to rest up for the next day of adventure or take advantage of the onboard bars and sometimes even night clubs, venues, or performances! Cruises cater to every vacationing individual depending on what you’re looking for. The cruise lines listed below not only do just that but also offer interline travel rates, the best of both worlds!

Looking out from the front of a cruise ship_______________________________________________________________________________________

Cruise Lines With Interline Travel Deals

Avalon Waterways

Avalon Waterways, an interline travel option, cruising down a German river

Known for their incredible selection of river cruises, Avalon Waterways will have you sailing away in luxury! Their focus on guest’s comfort extends from their rooms that showcase about 30% more space than the average stateroom to their FlexDining® commitment with multiple menus so you can always find that perfect comfort meal. Spend your evenings in one of the PanoramaSuites each with their own floor-to-ceiling panoramic window making it river cruisings’ first Open-Air Balcony®. So even when you ‘re on a day out on the water, you can still enjoy the beauty you’re cruising alongside from the comfort of you’re own bed. Along with the traditional European river cruises, they also have ships that sail a variety of exotic destinations as well. Explore the Amazon or Galapagos Islands in South America or travel down the famous Ganges in India.

Celebrity Cruises

Whale sighting on an Alaska cruise ship with interline travel

The winner of the Cruise Critic’s Cruisers’ Choice for “Best Cruise Line” in Eastern Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and Alaska, Celebrity Cruise lines lead in sailing the seas. The interline travel rates bring these cruises to unbelievable prices! Their ships travel across all seven continents in more than 300 destinations giving you the freedom to explore the world! How does a 60% discount on 13 nights cruising the Alaskan wilderness sound? Or drifting down the east coast of Australia in an ocean view room for less than $900? Interline travel rates can make these happen and more!

Paul Gauguin Cruises

An interline travel rate cruise ship in Bora Bora

The company of Paul Gauguin is known for its cruises of prestige and luxury. Their tours through French Polynesia have won the Travel & Leisure’s World’s Best Award of 2019. The exclusivity of this cruise line extends even to their own private island, Motu Mahana, and exclusive beach resort in Bora Bora, both only accessible by Paul Gauguin tours. Cruise the South Pacific in style with an all-inclusive experience from their gourmet dining to their luxurious onboard spa experiences. Travel ten nights on an all-inclusive Paul Gauguin cruise experience through Tahiti for as low as $2000! We’ll show you how interline travel rates turn these luxury cruise experiences into incredible steals.

Royal Caribbean International

Looking out from the deck of a Royal Caribbean cruise ship

With Royal Caribbean, you will hardly realize you are still even on a boat! Their cruises stand out with the endless adventures onboard claiming the title of the “largest indoor activity space at sea.” Travel through crystal blue Mediterranean waters, the balmy Bahamas, or along the historic New England coast. Our team will help make your vacation sweet with securing major discount rates of 70% and more off cruises through these destinations and more.  Meanwhile, the hardest decision you will have to make is which slice of paradise you’ll choose!


How can I find these rates?

To uncover these interline travel deals, you must go through a travel agent or agency that has a contract with Interline for assistance. Lucky for you, the Guide Me Away team is one of those who offer these services! Contact us today to discover these exclusive rates!

Have you never used a travel agent or agency before and a tad bit skeptical? Read on for more reasons for why it’s best to book with a travel expert to help navigate any vacation complications from start to finish and even afterward as well. Especially when working with deals as specific as interline travel discounts, we’re here to guide you!


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