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7 Travel Agent secrets that saves you time and money!

Planning your dream vacation sounds exciting, but what people do not realize that sometimes can be very time-consuming. These days travellers are spending their money carefully and make the most of every cent. Stop believing that booking online is the cheapest way to book a trip or vacation. Most cases, there are many other extra charges and cost associated with booking reservation that people do not know about until it is too late.

We are in a modern world where everything is continuously changing, and we need to adapt. That’s why a travel agent is an expert in the field, forget about the myths about travel agents are expensive. Guide Me Away beats the competition in terms of service and price to any online booking website, and here is why and how we do it.


1. Booking with a Canadian Travel Agent

Guide Me Away operates directly from Canada, with access to book a trip to anywhere in the world. For Canadian residents, they will get a better price than online. But if you’re from United States booking with us, you are automatically saving 30% of the cost. Travellers will always get a better deal booking with us.

2. Better deals than suppliers and partners

The secret of Guide Me Away, we work closely with:

And many more…

Let’s say you want to book a trip with one of these companies online. Well, you’re fortunate today, because booking with us you will get a discount and a better price than any online offer. Travel agents can get better deals and also modifications on the itinerary if you need to adjust it. There is a commission associated with the booking, but the suppliers are paying for that, not you. In addition to this, you’ll be interacting with a real human who will take care of all questions, concerns and issues.

3. Build your own trip/vacay/business trip

At Guide Me Away, we have the flexibility to make everything possible, from building an adventure trip in 3 different countries to a luxury and relaxing honeymoon packages. Corporate trips or meetings are also something that we do, as well. Take into consideration that booking independently, you’ll not know about the best way of transportation, or the best season to visit some of the attractions. Most online websites promote destinations all year round but never advise tourists when is the best time of the year, depending on your preferences. We will always tell you the truth, we travel to have a good time and create the best memories, and that’s why we are here.


4. Free upgrades

We offer free upgrades because we have the best contracts with suppliers due to the volume of our bookings. What a great feeling when you reach your destinations with the room upgraded with a view to the beach. Don’t you feel fantastic after that! Guide Me Away is aimed to treat customers well and provide the best that they can get for their money.



5. We have Interline Travel Discounts – Cruises

You are probably asking yourself, what is it? It is a special discount, reduce fare by cruise line, more likely a last-minute sale to fill up the cruise. These special rates are primarily for airline employees, retirees and some cases; the rates can be used by family and friends too.

Book your trip for 2021 and get the best rates and discounts, we accommodate special requests, and we can always change your booking if you need to do it.

Cruise lines partners:

Azamara Carnival Cruise LineCelebrity CruisesCosta Cruises

Crystal Cruises Cunard Line Disney Cruise LineHolland America LineHurtigruten-MSC CruisesNorwegian Cruise Line

Oceania CruisesPaul Gauguin Cruises Princess CruisesPullmantur CruisesRegent Seven Seas CruisesRoyal Caribbean InternationalSeabournSeaDreamYacht Club-Silversea CruisesWindstar Cruises


6. We are LGBTQ, trans-friendly

Guide Me Away, as a part of the community, understanding and support travellers, providing the best guidance to bring them to a safe destination. We want the LGBTQ community to feel comfortable asking questions about destinations, entertainment and the best places to visit during the trip. Vacation packages tailored, and we can book tours, transportation, and meal plans. Let us know your favourite destination; we got great ideas for your next vacay.



7. We are certified Autism Travel Professional / We are Certified, travel counsellor

Guide Me Away never stop learning; we need to be updated with all the tools and knowledge to guide travellers and assist them with any special request. Do you have questions about insurance? Do you want to know when you can travel again to a specific country? Travel agents are the most knowledgeable people, and we can answer all those questions. Our main priority is for you to enjoy and have a good time without any worries.


Overall, we can continue to travel the world, but remember to save time and money booking with Guide Me Away. Travel Agents are on top of the changes and updates related to the tourism industry. Do not waste your time searching for Information online from thousands of different websites.

Get advice from the real experts!


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