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10 Basic Packing Tips for Every Traveller

Packing for a trip, vacation, or holiday sounds easy; but we all know that it is not. What seemed like it should take less than half an hour to complete ends up spanning across 3 full hours. We cannot guarantee that no tears were shed those times, but most of us have been there, done that. That being said, we want packing to be as easy as it should be, so we have prepared a list of basic packing tips for any traveler.

  1. Bring basic clothing

    • Plain white t-shirt, navy blue blouse with no patterns, and a pair of black trousers. What do these items have in common? Nope, not that they are all boring and sound dreadful, but that they are all the basics and essentials in everyone’s wardrobe. Basic articles are vital, because they are easy to mix and match as a whole outfit, so you can get more styles for less! Which also means that bringing basic clothing can save you a lot of baggage weight.

      basic clothing
      Photo by Renata Fraga on Unsplash
  2. Carry a lip balm in your travel bag

    • You will be surprised at how easily weather and temperature differences can mess up your lips! Whether or not you like to have your picture taken while travelling, chapped lips are a pain(literally), and does not look flattering at all. A good lip balm goes a long way in keeping your lips moisturized and feeling good. Always carry a lip balm with you to make sure that your lips don’t dry and chap, because, trust us, it won’t be fun!

      Photo by Henry Gillis on Unsplash
  3. Roll them scarves in

    • Instead of worrying about what-if’s regarding the weather, and packing more than you should with both short-sleeved and long-sleeved tees, bring scarves instead. Scarves are more versatile compared to the likes of cardigans, hoodies, and jackets. It is great for weathers that are unpredictable or places/settings that are specially created to be chilly, such as theaters or restaurants.scarves
  4. Dark colored everything

    • Prints are wonderful, since they bring pattern and colors that pop and help you stand out. However, they can be a nuisance while travelling, as they are not as flexible as the basic colors that you have in your dresser. Dark colors are wonderful as they are easy to match, and does stain as bad as light colors. This applies to other items, like bags or shoes that are dark colored. Cleaning dark colors are also easier and more convenient compared to light colors.dark articles
  5. Layering

    • Unless your destination is known for its risky subzero temperatures, countless puffy jackets are not necessary. Layer instead by using the clothes that you have already packed to keep yourself warm! Jackets and sweaters take up lots of space that could be used for better purposes, so always think twice before trying to stuff that knee-length down jacket into your luggage!

      Don’t freeze.
  6. Roll your clothes

    • Rather than just folding your clothes and putting them into your bag, roll them up! Rolling your clothes tightly and neatly can contribute to more space in your bag. That way, you can bring more things, such as toiletries or a camera, that is pivotal for your trip.roll
  7. Pack some shopping totes or plastic bags

    • You leave your home with clean clothes, but don’t forget about what happens to them after. Carrying a couple of bags along with you on your journey can really help you with the hygiene side of things. Do keep in mind that some cities are environmental friendly, so plastic bags there can be very pricey. Don’t run the risk of spending money on bags, be eco-friendly, and just use what you already have!
  8. Extra baggage space with compression bags

    • Get these bags, suck the air from them out, and proceed to be grateful. You will get ample of space from packing that many clothes. On average,these bags range from about $7-$20, depending on your needs and wants. One bag goes a long way, so take heed of this piece of advice, especially if you are travelling internationally!

      Well, not literally…
  9. Sneakers

    • Let’s be real, sneakers are more comfortable than heels. Not only are they easier to match with several different outfits, they keep you steady on your feet all day long! Keeping true to the tip about dark colors and basic styles, make sure that you don’t bring along a pair of sneakers that are too flashy and difficult to pair with other things! Depending on the type of boots that you have, they can be extremely heavy too. Invest in a pair of good quality sneakers, and you are ready to be set out on an adventure!

      Photo by Manki Kim on Unsplash
  10. Only necessities allowed

    • Do not go overboard and pack up everything that you would love to have accompany you to your destination, even though you know it is not going to make the cut! We are not talking about just clothes. We are including accessories and things like water bottles and gadgets in this list! Always think twice about whether you NEED it, rather than want it, before chugging it into your travel

Packing is always a headache, we feel you, but when there’s a will, there’s a way! We have thorough confidence that packing can be a breeze too.

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