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Cut Corners while Traveling

When planning an adventure out of your city, state, or even country, it would be easy to believe that it would cost a large sum of money to have a dream vacation. That isn’t necessarily the case, especially when you know you want to travel and have time to plan. Regardless of if you go to an exotic location, or maybe a few hours away, there are a plenty of ways to ensure you have a good time on your journey.

1) Plan Ahead

This is the most obvious step. With any kind of travel, the more time you give yourself to plan a vacation, the more time you have to save money and book events and your lodging ahead of time. By planning months, or sometimes even weeks ahead, you can save hundreds of dollars on your flight, cruise, or train ride. You can also find luxury hotels or resorts at a fraction of their usual cost.

The timing of your trip may also affect your prices. A trip to a destination location like Los Angeles or Hawaii might be cheaper in the Fall or Winter than it is in the Summer or Spring.

Promotional deals might also save you some cash you can use on your trip as well. Hotels have deals depending on the time of year, and these can earn you free breakfast, uber or left promotional codes, or even extra points that you can use in hotel reward systems. 


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2)  Think of your meals

It’s very easy to overlook just how much you’ll spend on food while you’re out of town. Eating three meals, smaller snacks in between, and hydrating beverages if you’re going to be walking can all add up quickly. Scout the town you’ll be in to find popular options from locals that maybe cheaper than notable chains in the area. You might also find local cuisine that you can’t ordinarily get at home.

Take advantage of pdf files of menus in the city you’re traveling to. You could get a rough estimate of who much you’ll spend on food, and adjust accordingly. If you’re going to be hosted in a rent house or Airbnb, you could also plan to cook while on your vacation. Making your own meals would allow you to save around the clock.

3) Take Note of Events in the City

In bigger cities, there’s always an event going on in the city that may not cost you at all to go to. Pay close attention to city-wide deals on museums, music festivals and attractions, and other public events that could very easily be the highlight of your trip.

Parks, monuments, and natural viewpoints are all also usually free to access and can easily be added to your itinerary for your trip.

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4) Don’t Go Alone!

Above all else, planning a vacation out of town with friends and family can be an obvious and easy way to save money on a trip. With a well-planned trip, everyone would be able to help pay for lodging, events, and find other exciting things to do while you’re relaxing out of your usual city. Having a group can also get you discounts on events and activities that may usually cost more if you were alone.

All of our tips and tricks are easy to implement and can even be combined together. Take the time to plan your trip, no matter how exotic or close to home to go, and be sure to have good company with you when you go. The money you save can always be put toward another trip!

What are some tips that you’ve used in the past? Tell us in the comments and let us know if our tips work for you!

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