Top 3 best national parks in costa Rica

When did you last visit Costa Rica?

Did you know Costa Rica has 30 national parks? These parks encompass 25% of Costa Rica’s total land area. Costa Rica’s Ministry of Environment and Energy preserves the parks to keep them beautiful.

If you are a hiker, a swimmer, an explorer or just an overall travel junkie, the national parks of Costa Rica are worth your attention. In today’s post, we are going to look at 5 of Costa Rica’s most well-known national parks that are worth visiting and vacationing to.

Due to this post written during the coronavirus pandemic, please take a look at the travel restrictions for you and your country here.

Here are 3 national parks in Costa Rica to dream of booking a trip to:

Manuel Antonio National Park

Nature buffs, eco-travelers, and adventure seekers alike — there is something for you to explore at Manuel Antonio! Beach sand to sunbathe on, clear blue water to swim and fish, and hiking trails to explore. If you don’t love nature, this park will definitely change your mind.

If you are thinking of staying longer than a night, there are some memorable hotels well worth checking out:

The La Mariposa Hotel is located at the highest point in Manuel Antonio. It received an award for the 360-degree view of the national park. If you love to explore nature in luxury, this is a hotel to check out!

The Gaia Hotel in Costa Rica is a fabulous 5-sta luxury hotel. This hotel is known for its eco-friendly practices. Fine-dining and jungle views are your thing, you have to give this place a visit!

Arenal Volcano National Park

Ever wanted to visit a smoking volcano? Arenal Volcano National Park is home to 2 volcanos: Arenal, a smoking volcano that has been quiet since 2010 and Cerro Chato is a dormant volcano that has transformed into a lagoon. To visit both, you will walk through a majestic rainforest to get close!

The city of Fortuna, where this volcanic national park is located, has a few hotels that are worth the experience to stay:

Hotel Secreto La Fortuna is known for its scenic property, outdoor pool, and comfortable beds. After a long walk in Arenal Volcano National Park, you need a cozy bed to sleep in!

If the idea of a luxury farm is up to your alley, you have to check out Finca Luna Nueva Lodge. You will have access to a 50-foot high observation tower, a solar-heated Jacuzzi, an ozonated swimming pool and all the food served at this hotel come from the farm on site!

Corcovado National Park

If you are an adventurer and get excited over wildlife, this park is for you! This park is virtually untouched. You see wildlife in their natural habitat. Some of the animals you will encounter are monkeys, sloths, toucans, scarlet macaws, wild pigs, crocodiles, sea turtles, lizards, and anteaters. Don’t worry if this sounds dangerous. You are not allowed inside the park without a certified licensed guide.

Unlike the last two national parks, this park requires travel by boat or a 4 wheeled vehicle to explore. Luckily, there are many eco-lodges to stay in the towns of Drake Bay or Puerto Jimenez. Here are some eco-lodges to consider preparing your adventure at:

Aguila de Osa Inn is in the Drake Bay area on the Osa Peninsula. In this hotel, you can experience an open-air restaurant with the freshest produce. The deluxe rooms nestled near the hillside and offer beautiful views of the tropical jungle that surrounds the hotel.

Lapa Rios Ecolodge is in the Puerto Jimenez area on the Osa Peninsula. It is the hotel to go to for its luxurious bungalows and scenic jungle views. The ocean sea provides nature’s air conditions all year round.

There is a national park in Costa Rica for all types of travelers. I know that one day Costa Rica will be part of your bucket list.

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