Confused about travel insurance? 5 tips to buy the right one for you!

Travel Insurance is something that we all need when we travel, but it’s very time-consuming to look at it. Sometimes it is tough to find the right one, and the fine print at the end it’s one of the most critical pieces to understand. Since travel insurance is one of the most complex and confusing aspects of trip planning, I want to point out a few things to take into consideration when you have to choose one.

Travel Insurance

1. Do not buy the cheapest one

Some travel insurance companies offer many different plans coverage depending on the nature of your trip. Most people do not care much, and they go with the cheapest one, a big mistake, It is widespread that the basic coverage plan doesn’t cover much or doesn’t meet your trip requirements. So don’t listen to that friend that always said don’t worry, you’ll be fine” If you can’t afford proper travel insurance, you can’t travel. It’s for your safety, and even if we all are wild, young, and free,” you never know what could happen, be on the safe side, be a responsible traveler.

2. Get professional support if you don’t understand a policy

Travel Insurance policies and terminology can be very confusing and overwhelming. The fine print can be tricky, and you’ll find that the initial plan that you choose isn’t good enough. You can look for hours, and that’s the moment when frustration shows up, and you finally give up. The solution is simple; ask the experts, Guide Me Away is ready to answer all your questions. We are more familiar with the language and terminology. Travel agents are well-known people who have the expertise to suggest which one could be better depending on your destination and the activities that you’ll be doing during the trip. Do not take the risk; it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

3. The right amount of coverage for your trip

The worst thing that could happen on a trip is to have a low amount of money in your travel insurance policy to cover an emergency. Let’s take an example; Jimmy broke his leg, walking on the street trying to be funny when he was going back to the hotel in Thailand. He thought that because Thailand is generally cheap, the medical assistant will be as well. He got only CAD 20.000 coverage, but that amount only covers the surgery for him. The medication and the room in the hospital were another CAD 5000, so Jimmy now has to pay all cash. Most people believe that because they are traveling to countries where the living cost is low, the price for medical assistance will be as well. But there is not the same for a tourist. And if you refuse to pay in some countries, you can go to jail. The reality is you will have to get insurance that covers around CAD 100.000 to be safe and sound during your trip.

4. Know where to go in advance and the claim process

Most insurance has connections with clinics and hospitals to accelerate the process in case of an emergency. But, there is always good to know where you can go in case something goes wrong on your trip. Make sure that the insurance company will have the cost coverage on hand for you, so you don’t pay anything at the front. Get all the information and ask which hospital you’ll have to go to, or if you can get assistance anywhere, and they’ll reimburse the amount of money you spent. Be clear on the documentation, so you will not lose money in the end, getting your claim rejected.

5. Other coverage matters

If you are going to spend money buying travel insurance, make sure it’s worth it. What to look for and what you need to know if you are covered or not.

  • Extreme adventure activities such as hang gliding, skydiving, or bungee jumping
  • Expensive equipment o high-value items ( iPads, cameras, apple watch, etc.)
  • Theft coverage/ be aware of the specifications and circumstances of the theft
  • Luggage coverage
  • Flight delays/ missing
  • Rescue flights/flight ambulance

Depending on the activities that you’ll be doing during your trip, you must get the right insurance for you. Now with COVID-19 still around is essential to know all those details to keep traveling safely. Manulife Insurance offers many plans and coverages for travelers. If you need more information about it, Guide Me Away can give you tips to understand your insurance coverage.


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