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Why Solo Travel? In the last couple of years, solo travel has exploded in the traveler world. Gone are the days feeling like you can only take that bucket list trip if you have someone else to go with. Solo travel means freedom, independence, and out of your comfort zone experiences. It's for everyone! In my travels, I've met hundreds of solo travelers. From 18-year-olds running through gap years to retirees finally taking the trip of their dreams, it's truly a mix. Here we'll tackle that nagging fear that

It's time to change the travel industry It’s close to the end of 2019 and the world has awoken to the impacts of climate change. Big words like “greenhouse gases” and “carbon dioxide” are all over the news and we’re each asking ourselves “are my habits wasteful?” The travel industry is not immune to this question.Did you know a seven day long cruise generates 210,000 gallons of sewage? And in terms of carbon dioxide emissions, tourism accounts for 5% of emissions globally? Yikes. That sounds like a problem. Sustainable

Anyone interested in balmy beaches, authentic cultural experiences, and/or thrilling adventures should add Costa Rica travel to their bucket list. This Latin American country is famous for its beautiful coastlines and rainforested interior teeming with wildlife. The country's unofficial motto of pura vida (translated to "simple life" or "pure life") represents the Costa Rican's relaxed attitude towards life. You'll find this carefree way of living contagious as soon as you walk off the plane! Read further to discover the best Costa Rica travel experiences for your next holiday! What

What’s the most difficult part of planning for a holiday? Looking for kosher travel-friendly accommodation while vacationing shouldn’t have to be! Though it can certainly feel daunting, with the immense growth of tourism and dietary needs, many resorts and hotels are stepping up to provide their guests with the best possible experience in dining especially. So we will take the complication out of kosher travel planning. These are the best kosher friendly accommodation options that will make planning your next vacation an absolute breeze.  _______________________________________________________________________________________ Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach

Interline travel rates are an undiscovered pocket of savings for those working in the airline industry. These rates can save you 50-70% off the going price! The secret is knowing where to find them and how to book these major deals. Are you ready to find luxury cruises for budget prices? This guide is for you!What is an interline travel discount? An interline discount is a reduced rate that is offered for flights as well as many cruise lines to those that work in the airline industry. For the

Imagine waking up in a new country, greeted a local breakfast that you can sit down and enjoy since your day’s plan is already set. These are the all-inclusive perks of a small group tour. Why waste your precious vacation time pouring into guide books and maps, trying to decide what to do for the day? Similar to the “Chef’s Choice” option at a restaurant that you wouldn’t dare try to modify, sometimes the experts know best. Group tours provide a full all-around catered experience showing the best

Looking for a luxurious all-inclusive family resort experience in the Caribbean this upcoming holiday? With enough activities to entertain the kids all day while you immerse in much needed R&R? Family vacation should mean a vacation for E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E, even you mom and dad. These are the nine best luxury all-inclusive family resorts guaranteed to leave you rested and your kids delighted.  Beaches Negril All-Inclusive Resort Negril, Jamaica  When Beaches Negril says all-inclusive resort, they mean it. From nanny service, kids camps, a teen-friendly karaoke nightclub, and romantic adults only activities, this

The quickest way to our hearts is food, right? I know it’s most certainly mine! Lucky for us, Vietnamese cuisine has no shortage of delectable dishes to satisfy till your heart's content.The spicy, sweet, tangy, and rich flavors of Vietnam will make your feet stop and your mouth water. Whether you're stopping at a Bánh Mì stand for a quick bite or you find yourself in one of the many small restaurants with your only choice being what meat you want in your Phở (if you're even given

When it comes to travelling, there are a lot of things you can choose to take or not to take. Usually some things, like your toothbrush are necessities. Maybe a nice camera too, if you want to be taking photos. Other things aren't as necessary. Like that second carry-on full of chocolates and candy (well, for some that is necessary. Don't worry, we understand).There is however one item that isn't quite so black and white and easy to make a choice on: Travel insurance. Sometimes travel insurance can

With today's post, we will be showcasing an amazing top 10 accommodations that welcome and cater specifically to the community! This list won't differentiate between hotels, resorts and guesthouses; you can always reach out to one of our very own travel experts and they will be happy to help.Casa Cupula in Puerto Vallarta Casa Cupula is one of the top picks on this list and it is only natural that we put it first! On their website they pride themselves as being "Puerto Vallarta's premiere boutique gay hotel". In

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