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With today's post, we will be showcasing an amazing top 10 accommodations that welcome and cater specifically to the community! This list won't differentiate between hotels, resorts and guesthouses; you can always reach out to one of our very own travel experts and they will be happy to help.Casa Cupula in Puerto Vallarta Casa Cupula is one of the top picks on this list and it is only natural that we put it first! On their website they pride themselves as being "Puerto Vallarta's premiere boutique gay hotel". In

We know all about the traditional all-inclusive resorts: food, drinks, spa treatments. The entire array of activities includes many fun water sports, drinking tons of alcohol or tanning on the beach.Of course, sometimes you want something different. Don't get us wrong, all inclusive resort experiences are some of the best experiences of your life time. However, there are some resorts there that offer an extremely unique experience, unlike other resorts.If you're looking for a resort that is something different, sometimes wild - and you're okay with wild, then

Like most parents, you might be worried about travelling with young children and infants but this worry might cause you to miss the most wonderful moments in your life!In fact, travelling with your children while they're young and exposing them to such meaningful experiences could have a tremendous impact on their personal development. Not to mention you won't need to worry about which aunt or uncle you'll be reaching out to take care of them or finding a baby sitter. You can enjoy your vacation with your loved

Okay, maybe we're exaggerating a little bit. It's not as if you completely can't book a vacation without an expert. However these days travelling has so many components to it that it is getting harder and harder to keep track of. Looking for vacations and getaways are much harder, increasingly expensive and thus resulting in a much bigger-than-necessary headache.Sure, some might disagree with me on this. There are definitely people who are able to navigate the arduous journey of booking before the actual journey of vacation. However, there

As discussed in our previous post The Top Must Visit Locations in August, Edinburgh Scotland is one of the most amazing places to visit during the month of August. So much so that it is our most recommended place to visit this year!Edinburgh is most prominently known as the capital of Scotland. It is also the world's leading city in major annual festivals. This includes festivals such as the International film festival, Festival Fringe, International Book Festival and Hogmanay among many. Bonus: A ton of these festivals happen in August!To

So you're planning, hoping to plan, or have already planned a vacation to an amazing, sunny destination. Perhaps it's one of those gorgeous, all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, or you're planning to enjoy the amazing beaches in Hawaii, in the middle of the ocean. Wherever you are, you're reading this article because you want to make sure you're bringing the right stuff to your vacation. No problem. GMA can help with that.1) Sun Screen & Sunblock, Tanning Oil, Tanning Lotion & Aloe Vera This one may seem like a

Now that the good weather has arrived, you must be curious about the best places to visit in summer. There are literally tons of places to go in the summer, but here are 8 that really stood out to us!  The Grand Canyon Being one of the top National Parks in the United States, the Grand Canyon tops our list of the best places to visit in summer. Even if you’re not an avid hiker, the amazing views the canyon has to offer are ones you don’t want to

Trying to plan a honeymoon can very quickly become overwhelming, especially when traveling overseas.Then add in the stress of wanting it to be perfect; forget it!  That’s why we have made honeymoon planning a bit easier and compiled a list of the five best honeymoon destinations in Europe putting the delicious icing on your wedding cake! Honeymoon Destination 1: Positano, Italy The Amalfi Coast is a dream destination for any Italy vacation, nevermind for a dream come true honeymoon. According to Greek mythology legends, Neptune created this picturesque town

When searching for the best cruises for families, there are a lot of factors that come into play. Where to go, which cruise line to take, what activities do they provide, and how much will it cost me? If you landed on this page, then you must be looking for the answers to these questions.Most cruises are family friendly and there are a ton of options to pick from. So how do you know which ones are the best for your family? After looking around, I have compiled

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