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What is travel insurance you may ask? Simply put, travel insurance is something that you purchase prior to a vacation that protects you from things that may occur when traveling. You might be thinking travel insurance is unnecessary, but we are here to tell you it's not! For instance, the current pandemic we are all facing across the globe, COVID-19, has put a major stop to 90% of all travel. We have seen many people expressing their concerns about having to cancel travel plans due to losing their

It's no secret that the most recent outbreak of COVID-19, or Coronavirus, has put a damper on travel plans worldwide. Many people are having to cancel vacations they have spent months saving up for, while others are conflicted on whether they want to follow through with their vacation. Nobody wants to spend their vacation sick, which is why Guide Me Away is giving you insightful information on developing healthy habits while traveling to ensure all of you remain healthy and enjoy your vacation!   Healthy Habits While Traveling:   Sanitize Everything! Honestly, this

With spring break and summer quickly approaching, you're probably wondering where your next ultimate family getaway will be. How about this? An all-inclusive resort located on the beach, crystal blue water, endless amenities, and best of all? A WATERPARK! Yes, you read that right. :) We know we talk a lot about all-inclusive resorts, but it's for a good reason. All-inclusive resorts are an easy way to maximize your vacation, as mostly everything is included. You have meals, activities, easy access to the beaches, and adult beverages. If we

It's no secret that Greece is one of the most luxurious islands one can visit. If you read our previous post, you got insight on what you need to know when island hopping within the beautiful country; if you haven't, you can read it here. To go along with that post, we have conducted a list of our top luxurious hotels in Greece! Don't forget, our travel experts are highly trained in giving you the most unique and unforgettable travel experience!   We do not own the rights to any

It's easy to see why Japan is on everyone's bucket lists. The islands that make up the country are filled with history, culture, and year-round adventures. Keep reading to learn all about our Japan travel guide if you are planning on visiting Japan soon!   Japan Travel Guide Japan takes pride in being one of the safest countries to visit. While there is still crime within the country, overall, it's the perfect destination for a solo female vacation! (Check out our blog on solo travel) When visiting Japan, avoid strolling through

Last week, we posted a blog that included nine all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean that you should consider for your next vacation. If you haven't read it yet, you can read it here. The Caribbean is the most popular destination for vacationers, which is why we have composed another list of all-inclusive resorts! These resorts bring you the luxury, convenience, and ultimate Caribbean experience. However, the locations of these resorts are different than those in our previous post. (All images were taken from the resort's website. We do not own

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