Adventure Racing: The Most Thrilling Vacation For 2020

Adventure racing is the most exciting team sport you probably haven’t heard of and is definitely, the vacation to go on in 2020. Adventure racing is gaining traction all over the world as the ultimate way to adventure in a foreign place. Skip the boring vacation and train up for the adventure of a lifetime.  

What is adventure racing?

Adventure racing is a team sport challenge featuring a mix of trekking, mountain biking, paddling, horseback riding, climbing, and more. While you can occasionally compete solo, most races require sports teams of four with at least one male and one female. Competitions last anywhere from two hours to two weeks, this is the ultimate adventure challenge!   Here’s an informative video on the basics of adventure racing:

The most unique vacation

Training for an adventure race is the perfect alternative for those sick of the traditional vacation on the beach or who need a little variety in their life. Adventure racing is for competitive athletes who love a challenge and the great outdoors. Races are hosted all over the world in the most thrilling places and are guaranteed to introduce new skills, places, and even friends to your life. Adventure gear

End your vacation by relaxing on the beach or in a sauna to fully round out your trip. You’ll return to normal life healthy, fulfilled, and possibly with an award under your belt. We’ve been following this rising trend and tracked down some of the most fun and action-packed adventure races around the world for your enjoyment. So read up and get ready to train:  

Best Races

Hebridean Challenge, Scotland

The Hebridean Challenge, commonly known as The Heb, happens September 11-14 2020 in Scotland and requires cycling, off-road running, kayaking, and navigation skills. You can compete for solo or in a pair, the perfect opportunity to find yourself or connect with your best friend or partner. This challenge works for the experienced adventurer or newbie. You can expect to cover 200 km over two long days with free camping and hot meals provided to help you relax. The lush green landscape and gorgeous waters of the Hebrides Islands make this the perfect autumn getaway. The Heb just added a GPS tracking feature so your friends and family can track your progress during the race!

Patagonian Expedition Race, Chile

The Patagonian Expedition Race, also known as “The Last Wild Race” happens November 14-27 2020 in Patagonia, Chile. This race requires mountaineering, trekking, trail running, mountain biking, and kayaking skills. Your sports team of four will cover over 500 km of distance and the route won’t be revealed until 24 hours before the race begins. This adventure race is the ultimate test of your abilities.

It’s a long journey across mountains, forests, peats, grasslands, and rivers, where teams will need to encounter bordering lakes, fjords entering the area, large glaciers descending from the Campo de Hielo Sur (Southern Ice Fields), drastic and changing climates, and a variety of geographic environments. This adventure is no joke but Patagonian landscapes are some of the most beautiful in the world. For experienced adventurers only. Patagonia Adventure Race

Your hard work during The Patagonian Expedition Race will be worth it    

Open5 Series, UK

The Open5 Series adventure race happens on February 9th, 2020 in Yorkshire Dales, UK. You compete solo or in a pair and have mountain biking, running, and navigation skills. You will have five hours to locate as many sites as possible to receive the highest score. There will be prizes for first, second, and third place! This adventure race is great for beginners and experienced adventurers because you pick your route. Push yourself to reach destinations in more difficult terrain for higher points or stick closer to the beginning if you’re worried about getting lost.

Xterra Iceman, USA

Xterra is a hugely important brand in the adventure industry, they host races all over the world year-round. They also host boot camps, youth camps, personal training, and more. If you’re an athlete or just someone who loves a good challenge you should race an Xterra Adventure Race. Each race includes a different mix of staple adventure skills including mountain biking, swimming, and trail running. If you race well you can qualify for gold and championship races! Xterra competitions are great for beginning and seasoned adventurers looking to compete against athletes all over the world.

One upcoming race is the February 29, 2020, Xterra Iceman race in Arizona, USA. The Iceman has three competitions: Xterra National Point Series Race, Xterra Duathlon, and Xterra Aquabike. National Point Series Race includes swimming 750 meters, mountain biking 20 km, and trail running 5 km.  The Xterra Duathlon includes a 5 km trail run, 20 km of mountain biking, then another 5 km of trail running.  The Aquabike race includes a 750-meter swim and a 20 km mountain bike race. Xterra races have lots of variation so you can pick the race you’re ready for. Xterra Adventure Race

Other 2020 races include:

Xterra Malta 2020 Xterra Asia-Pacific Championship (Taiwan) Xterra Croatia Xterra Greece

Race 2 Adventure, Costa Rica

The Race 2 Adventure race happens from April 25, 2020, to May 3 2020 in Costa Rica. This adventure race is a guided tour experience and can be booked as a stand-alone vacation. You arrive in Costa Rica on April 25th and have a day for leisure and exploring San Jose before jumping in. Enjoy a morning run on the 26th along the Arenal Volcano and night lodging at the base of the Volcano.

The next day’s run will take you from Lake Arenal up to the Monteverde Cloud Forest. Your third run of the trip goes through the adventure park of Eco Diamante. There are six guided runs total all over Costa Rica through waterfalls, mountains, forests, beaches, and more. While not a competitive race, this adventure is a great way to reinforce your training and explore one of the most adventure-friendly countries in the world.

Costa Rica

Let’s get active

Now that you’ve got options, it’s time to get active and start training! These adventures are more than just vacations, they are opportunities to push your bodies and minds to new heights, gain wilderness skills, and explore the unknown. There’s no better way to travel.      

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