About Us

Guide Me Away’s History

Founded in 2016, Guide Me Away is focused on helping people explore the world. The CEO, Lia Hershkovitz, is originally from Israel (feel free to contact us in Hebrew!) and has been living in Vancouver, Canada, for the past 12 years. Like many of you, those of us at Guide Me Away have an enormous passion for travel. It is something that we genuinely believe opens doors, expands the mind, and brings meaning to life unlike anything else.

Our agents have explored countless countries across Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East throughout our lives, discovering life-changing places and people along the way.
For over five years, Guide Me Away has helped travellers experience the joy of travel.

Our philosophy is that travel should be a personal, unique, and eye-opening adventure. We will always make sure that your vacation is tailored to your preferences and that you get to see and experience more unique and special places.
We have built strong relationships with some world-class suppliers through our passion for travel and gained the industry certifications to help make your perfect trip every time.

In the end, Guide Me Away’s goal is to make people happy as they have the best experiences of their lives.



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