7 Countries Canadians can Travel During Covid

Here we are four months after many countries are opening their borders, inviting people to travel again. Should Canadians start to move soon? Well, all depends; in most states and countries, the requirements have been changing, pre-tests assessments or in some places, you can be tested at the airport. But here are 7 countries that Canadians can still travel to during Covid-19. 

Here are 7 Countries Canadians can travel during Covid-19:

1. Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Located 58 miles away from Montego Bay, this fantastic place has all you need. Dunn’s River Falls is a famous waterfall near Ocho Rios, a major Caribbean tourist attraction that receives thousands of visitors each year. Another historical site is the Christopher Columbus Park, and you can take a tour in the morning and relax the beach with your favourite cocktail in one hand and a jerk chicken leg in the other. The Riu Hotel also is in Ocho Rios, with fully renovated rooms and waterpark, there is not fail to book a vacation here. Book your All-inclusive vacation here

2. Lisbon, Portugal

Another breathtaking place to travel to during the corona virus is the city of Lisbon, Portugal. The city designed is easily explored by walking or via its old-fashioned trams and funiculars. The Alfama district is one of the oldest areas in Lisbon where you can find many souvenirs shops, cafes and caves. At the waterfront, the Belem Tower of Saint Vincent is a 16th-century fortification, is the major tourist attraction in the city.

Canadians can travel to Lisbon, Portugal during COVID-19

3. Bruges, Belgium

Canadians can still go to Belgium during Covid-19 to indulge our chocolate needs! This city is all about, chocolate, beer, canals and waffles. The architecture of the buildings and churches are incredible; you will feel like back in time. The Van Cleef Boutique Hotel offers a romantic view, luxurious air-conditioned suites with a spa bath and a large selection of Belgium traditional food at the restaurant.

Countries Canadians can still travel to during Covid-19. Belgium.

4. Davik, Iceland

Who wouldn’t love a beer bath to take our minds of COVID-19? Most people like beer in a glass, but what about in bathtub? Bjorbodin Spa in Davik, north of Iceland, is a beer spa, where you can enjoy a relaxing 25 minutes beer bath. They also have a restaurant and gift shop and outside pool. Probably a good idea if you want to explore the North of Iceland. There are also many other attractions. Curious about it? We can create your itinerary so you don’t miss anything! 

@bjorbodin Medieval beer bath. Unwind travel during COVID-19

5. Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is one of the largest Italian islands in the Mediterranean. It has nearly 2,000 km of sandy beaches and mountains with breathtaking trails to explore. A great place for Canadians to travel to and unwind during the pandemic! Even though Sardinia is part of Italy, the food is quite different. Fregola, a seafood dish mixed with saffron and semolina pasta, is a recipe that has been past for generations. There are many resorts with private beaches to spend a pleasant time in a secluded area.

Beautiful warm beach in Sardinia Italy. Italian beach. Travel during Covid-19

6. Los Cayos, Cuba

Although the island has a large number of attractions, Los Cayos in Cuba is undoubtedly the most extraordinary, as they bring together marvellous beaches with fine white sands and crystalline turquoise waters to do snorkelling and many other water activities. Most resorts in Cuba are all-inclusive, with family and honeymooners packages. Search for the best option for you, and get away with GuideMeAway

Red car in Cuba surrounded by palm trees.

7. Sri – Lanka

One of the few countries where they haven’t had any COVID-19 new cases in the past 30 days. With many national parks to explore overall Sri – Lanka is a safe destination for Canadians to travel. The best time of the year to go is from November to April, where you can enjoy the sunny days away from the rain. Aditya Luxury Resort located in the corner of the island. To start your day, you could be meditating at an age-old village temple or visit Ruhunu National Park to see the wildlife.

Beautiful sunset in Sri-Lanka beach boat ride

So there you have it, 7 countries Canadians can still travel to during Covid-19! All these countries do not require to do quarantine. Keep in mind that you have to show a test result when you arrive at the destination, or in some airports, you can pay to be tested. We all need to go somewhere beautiful and get lost for a bit. If you decide to travel, we can find all-inclusive packages for you and your family.

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