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Best Israeli restaurants in NYC

Top 7 Best Israeli Restaurants in NYC


Israeli food is now trending in the competitive market of NYC restaurants, with new Israeli restaurants popping up all over the city. Because the NYC restaurant competition is so high, the top competitors are likely to change on a weekly basis. as a result, many factors go into choosing the best restaurant including innovativeness, presentation, and memorability.      

Taking all of the variables into consideration, we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of places with the best Israeli restaurants.  Here’s a list of the Top 7 best Israeli restaurants in NYC that will keep you coming back again. Mmm, are you hungry for Israeli hummus yet?


 34 E 20th St, New York, NY 1000   (212) 505-3420

You’re not likely to walk by without being blown away by the astounding setting of this Israeli restaurant. With references from NY Magazine and the New York Times, Chef Meir Adoni is well known in the culinary world, especially after publishing a cookbook app, called Look & Cook. Adoni is originally from Jerusalem and most noteworthy on the Israeli cooking scene after spending 2 seasons as a judge on the Israeli show “Game of Chefs” (משחקי השף).

Top Plates:

~Kubaneh (Yemenite Schug and Grated Tomato)

~Palestinian Tartare (Hand-cut beef tenderloin)

~Jerusalem Bagel (Cumin and Lima bean messabaha with Shipka Peppers 

~Smoked Eggplant Carpaccio (Fire roasted with feta, raw tahini, dates, pistachios, and rose water)

Best Israeli Restaurants in NYC
Credit: Nur                                                                                                                    

2. 12 Chairs Cafe

2 locations 56 MacDougal Street New York, NY 10012  212.254.8640

342 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249  (347) 227-7077


Is brunch your thing? 12 Chairs Cafe offers an all-day breakfast that keeps bringing the locals back for more. Don’t worry if you’re not feeling brunch, this place also serves breakfast and/or dinner. It can be found in two locations – 56 MacDougal St. New York City & 342 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn – and is referred to as “an authentic Israeli spot” by

Top Plates:

~Jachnun-rolled Yemenite dough (cooked overnight with a touch of date honey; served with a hard boiled egg and crushed tomatoes)

~Several Humus options including Hummus Falafel, Hummus Mushrooms & Onions, and Hummus Meat.

~Moroccan Fish filet of tilapia (cooked in a spicy Moroccan tomato sauce over couscous)

Best Israeli Restaurants in NYC
Credit: Eat Up New York

3. Taïm

2 locations: 222 Waverly Pl, New York, NY 10014 (212) 691-1287 // 45 Spring St, New York, NY 10012 (212) 219-0600

Taïm is known for being the best Israeli restaurant in the West Village and for its signature falafel made in three varieties: red peppers, Tunisian spices, and the traditional “green” variety. Above all, the Grape Vine mentions the number of tasty options will leave your taste buds cringing for more.

Top Plates:

~Chicken Shawarma (amba aïoli, sumac onions, shifka peppers, pita)

~Chickpea croquette conceit best (sampled in a mixed platter with tahini-dappled hummus, tabbouleh, and Israeli salad according to NY Magazine)

~Taïm’s signature falafel (is made in three varieties: with red peppers, with Tunisian spices, or green variety)

Best Israeli Restaurants in NYC
Credit: NY Eater

4. Golan Heights

 2553 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10033 (212) 795-7842

Noted by locals as being the best Israeli food in town, Golan Heights serves large portions for a reasonable price.  

Best Plates:

~Chicken Shawarma Laffa

~Zaidy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets (Homemade chicken nuggets with spicy sauce)

~Mount Hermon Salad (24 oz. bowl with your choice of salad and meat)

Credit: Post Mates

5. Miriam

 79 Fifth Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217 718-622-2250

In the mood for a casual brunch? This atmosphere will soothe your needs with a warm, welcoming environment and Israeli food to comfort the soul. Considered to be a “neighborhood favorite” according to Serious Eats, it is well worth stopping by.

Best plates:

~Brunch Israeli Breakfast (2 eggs any style with labneh cheese, home fries, Israeli salad and pita)

~Brunch Mediterranean Crispy Dough (Served with 2 eggs any style, side of shredded tomatoes, spicy harissa and pickles)

~The Israeli Breakfast (adds two eggs to a spread of decent but barely crispy home fries, a finely chopped salad and silky, tangy labneh cheese)

                           Credit: New York Serious Eats

6. Paprika Kosher

 56 East 34th Street New York, NY 10016  (212) 679-1100

Paprika delivers authentic Israeli food and believes that life happens at the dinner table and strives to keep their Jewish traditions as an integral part of their living. Quoted by the Great Kosher Restaurant Magazine as highly recommended when searching for the best NYC restaurants to dine at.

Best Plates:

~Sabich (Eggplant, Hard boiled egg, pickles, Tahini & Harisa sauce)

~Shakshuka (Stewed tomatoes, garlic, onions, and poached eggs. Served with pita.)

~Paprika Schnitzel Sandwich (Harisa aioli, red onions, tomato, and pickles)

Paprika Schnitzel Sandwich, Credit: Paprika Cater

7.  Gila’s Nosh

 221 E 23rd St New York, NY 10010   • (212) 213-3334

Interested in having a warm tasty drink with your meal? With some authentic breakfast specials Gila’s Nosh gives off a warm energy with tasty comfort food. This peaceful setting attracts regulars to dine weekly.

Best plates:

~The Omelette (French-style omelet with your choice of three fillings and bread. Optional egg white, cheese and turkey bacon, served all day)

~Falafel Sandwich (5 Handmade, Lightly-fried chickpea balls with a chopped Mediterranean salad, homemade hummus and tahini in a fresh pita bread)

~3 Nosh Small Special(Three dishes of your choice served with pita bread)

Credit: Gila’s Nosh


If you happen to check out one of these best Israeli restaurants in NYC, give us some feedback. Let us know your thoughts on the food you tried. Are you located in another city? Check out more blogs about the best Israeli restaurants and Kosher restaurants near you!

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