5 Unique things about Israel that are almost unheard of

Most people believe that Israel is history and religion, but there is so much to talk about when you think of it. Apart from being in the top 10 most powerful countries, Israel offers a whole experience to visitors through traditions, food, and culture. Located at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea, there are unique things about Israel that will surprise you a lot. 

Most people have a misconception about the country in terms of tourism, only thinking about the historical side. But I found a few surprising things that not everyone knows about Israel.

1. The vegan capital of the world

Food is an essential part of the trip, especially if you are vegan or vegetarian. Depending on the destinations, the vegan options are good and limited. But a unique thing about Israel is that they take it to another level. From Hummus to falafel and desserts like basbousa, also known as raveni, a delicious dessert with a combination of semolina cake soaked in syrup with almonds. Israel has over 400 restaurants in the country, mostly using organic and plant-based products, which is just a paradise for vegans. The atmosphere and the friendliness of the people turn every dining experience into a memorable moment. Anastasia Cafe in Tel Aviv offers a variety of vegan dishes from breakfast sandwiches to main courses. If you are looking for a fine dining restaurant Mashya has a delightful menu with options for everyone.

Israel is the vegan capital of the world

2. Israel has the highest number of museums per capita in the world

If you like to spend time learning and visiting Museums you should book your ticket to Israel. In Jerusalem,  the Israel Museum is considered one of the most important historical places showcasing objects and manuscripts with more than 2000 years old. Tel Aviv Museum of Art is a combination of design, architecture, and contemporary art with current draws and paintings. Another unique thing about Israel is that there are so many fascinating museums to visit. You should make a list to make sure you’ll be not missing anything. 

3. The biggest Outdoor Spa in the dead sea between 2 countries

In the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth at 434m below sea level, the air has a higher concentration of oxygen and the mud healing mineral for your skin. North Biankini Beach is a perfect spot for families, there is a resort located near games rooms for kids, restaurants, and gift shops. If you are looking to go the South searching for more salty and turquoise waters, Ein Bokek Beach is a perfect place. The access is free, and you will find accessible amenities and lifeguards until a specific time in the afternoon.

Unique things about Israel

4. A blind and deaf Art Center and Restaurant

Located in Jaffa Port, Na Laga’at is a non-profit organization of arts that supports people with special needs to integrate and educate within society. Their contribution helps the public to understand and embrace their way of living. The theatre currently has a few shows where you can experience blind and non-verbal communication with local and international artists. There are also available workshops from tasting sessions to sign languages.

The Dark Out Restaurant is one of the 14 blind restaurants in the world and got a selected menu and wine pairings. The waiters are going to guide you to a full sensorial experience where you’ll taste, and smell your food but not see it. A unique, unforgettable experience that you have to try when you visit Jaffa.

When you don’t see anything, you see so much.”

– BlackOut Restaurant –

Black Out restaurant in Israel

5. One of The biggest LGBTQ Pride Parade in the Middle East

Another unique thing about Israel is the Tel Aviv Gay Pride. In 2019, the Parade attracted over 250.000 visitors. Tel Aviv Gay Pride has become one of the most significant events of the year. Tourists and the LGBTQ community from Israel and the rest of the world gather together to celebrate. The street is full of colors and the energy of the attendees creates an atmosphere of diversity and inclusion. To learn about last year’s parade click here

Tel Aviv Gay Pride

Israel is turning tourism experiences into lifetime memories, not just inviting foreigners to visit the attractions that most people know, is more about learning, and emphasizing the destinations. A unique thing about Israel is the creation of new opportunities for tourists to explore the culture with a different approach focusing on responsible practices and educational expertise.

A message from Guide Me Away: 

  אנחנו רוצים להזמין אתכם לבקר ולחקור את ישראל והאנשים והתרבות. אנחנו רוצים שאנשים יהנו ויקחו משהו איתם ויחלקו עם העולם

We would like to invite you to explore and discover Israel and connect with the people and culture. We want people to have a great time and take something with them and share it with the rest of the world. Travel to pass the message, and be an ambassador in every destination.

“See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream.” – Ray Bradbury

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