5 Tips to Connect Better with Yourself While Hiking

Well, we all hike for different purposes, but the main reason is why not do it? Right? Many people will say “because it’s good to minimize the risk for heart disease, keep you healthy, and many others. The truth is not just the physical part of it. For me, it is more about understanding where I am right now and identifying my stage of life regarding happiness. Here are 5 tips to connect better with yourself while hiking.

1. A Mental Journey that helps you to be prepared for everything

Begins when you start to plan your trip. You don’t realize that you organize your thoughts and learn how to be ready for any situation. Backpack, water, bear spray, etc. your brain starts to work in a sequence to align what you’ll need for your hike. What we do not realize is that we use that for everything else and train our brains to be prepared, and ready for unexpected situations and mosquitos. I know! I hate them too!

2. Clear your mind.

Whether you go with friends or family search for a moment to clear your mind. For some reason, every time I hike, my mind got bombarded with all the things that I did wrong, the gossiping of the week, etc. But at some point, while I am walking, I tend to forget about all those negative thoughts. When I am getting tired, I feel like I am draining all that. That’s the moment when you start to enjoy the view, the clear sky, and the company. Remember, “ Happiness is only real when shared” – Christopher McCandless.

3. Create positive energy

If you are planning to go somewhere, you are already excited. That’s awesome; you are feeling great about it. More than just a physical challenge depending on the type of hike is the happiness of accomplishing something, make that moment special for you. Every time I come back from a hike, especially on weekends, I feel different, recharged, and full of energy ready for another week.

4. Imagination without limits, a daydreamer

Studies are showing that young adults and kids get more creative after they spend some time hiking or exploring mother nature. Colors, shapes, and smells increase your sensitivity and perception of things. The smell of the grass, the birds singing or simply the shape of the rocks, the association is inevitable. A daydreamer part of you is also more active when you spend some time in the woods. Do not be afraid to think about your dreams that’s totally what makes us happy! Make a plan, and live your dream life, and you have plenty of time.

girl sitting by a clear lake. reflection. mental health. connecting with nature

5. Connect with your soul

Every time we decided to go for a hike, we are also going on an internal journey. To connect with the past, heal your heart, and experience gratitude; we all need to have time to do it. From my personal experience that is when you finally reach the end, the final stop of your hike. I sat down and forgive myself and be grateful for the peaceful moment. Treat yourself better, love yourself more, and spread out all the love that you have in your heart.

5 Tips to Connect Better with Yourself While Hiking

Give yourself time to discover, explore and hike. Plan a trip to the mountains, and free yourself from daily stress. Search for your happy place and take that with you everywhere. 

And there you have it! Those were 5 Tips to Connect Better with Yourself While Hiking.

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