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May 2020

By Iris Alvarado Nobody could really predict how 2020 will be the year for a global pandemic, affecting millions of travellers around the world. Many of us were not ready for closing borders, cancelling reservations, flights, and vacations. How will the travel industry meet travellers' expectations in terms of luxury? Here are a few changes to keep us all safe. 1. Hygiene & sanitization will be a priority. Now, hotels, flights, and cruises are always more concerned and aware of the different practices to keep spaces clean and sanitized. For example, Accor

Are you looking to book an island vacation off of the beaten path? Are you tired of the tourist-filled islands of Aruba, Bahamas, and Jamaica? We have you covered. Not only are these five islands blanketed in white sandy beaches, but they are also surrounded by beautiful blue waters and rustic local charm. 1. Saona, Dominican Republic Saona is the largest island off the coast of the Dominican Republic. It is considered to be a dreamy day trip, as there is not a single hotel on this 42-square-mile island. There

Italy is any food lover's dream. Even for vegans! At first, it may seem difficult to travel throughout Italy as a vegan, but luckily we have you covered. There are plenty of dishes and restaurants that are more than accommodating to a vegan diet -- and of course, you can find pasta around every corner. At Guide Me Away we are strong advocates for eating amongst the locals. Here's our guide to being vegan in Italy: At restaurants, there will usually be a few waiters who can understand at

Author: Aaron Busch Before I get started, I'd just like to state for the record that this is an opinion, based on my experiences listening to Dr. Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix. I am reflecting on popular Twitter trends and recognizing what has been soaring on social media across both Canada and the United States about the Coronavirus. I've been reflecting on what has been happening locally. For example, the influx of travelers that swarmed over to the Gulf Islands, where medical facilities are ill-equipped to tackle

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