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January 2020

Feeling lethargic during the winter? Need a little travel motivation to get you through it? Book a cycling adventure for spring or summer to stay motivated through the winter. Train up during winter at the gym for the adventure of a lifetime! Come spring you will cycle through iconic landscapes, with the comfort of traveling with a tour company who will carry your luggage between stops, provide gear, and provide assistance if you pop a tire. Cycling adventures have a bunch of advantages over your average vacation. You'll stay mobile

Are you dreaming about a tropical getaway for your upcoming spring break vacation? White sand between your toes, drink in hand as you soak in the warm Caribbean sun? All-inclusive resorts are perfect for you and your family as they give you more time to enjoy your vacation. For instance, with unlimited drinks, dining options, and activities, you will be able to make memories that will last a lifetime. With the new year in full swing, and spring break quickly approaching, we have composed a list of all-inclusive

Sandos Finisterra Cabos is considered one of the most famous resorts in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Recently, I took a short trip to the resort to establish my honest review. Here's what I think of my four night stay. Good Qualities of Sandos Finisterra Cabos: For starters, the location of this resort is very convenient for those who are looking to do things outside of the resort. It's a short, 5-minute walk to the Marina and downtown where you can find people browsing the many different shops. At night, the

Many people overlook smaller towns when planning their vacations. Everyone thinks the fun and beauty lies within big city limits. But, what people don’t realize about small towns is that they offer just as much. From picturesque landscapes to quiet evenings, many people find themselves enjoying the small towns more than they imagined. Guide Me Away has composed a list of the top 5 small towns worth visiting in 2020! Small Town Destination 1: Hallstatt, Austria Tucked away in the Austrian Alps, cuddling Lake Hallstatt, this quiet village houses roughly

I'm a travel agent and recently when I was brainstorming destinations to write about for my blog, something happened. It happened when my newsfeed suddenly went red and a now famous image popped up of a child in a life vest fleeing red smoke. The picture is haunting. It might seem like the water is the only safe place in Australia but the rest of the world hardly seems safe. For the moment I sidelined my brainstorming, especially since I wanted to write about the lovely destinations in

Many parents fear a long flight with a busy toddler. They have a constant need to move, climb, and touch everything in sight. And when something doesn’t go their way, they are not afraid to voice their frustrations. Guide Me Away has composed a list of top tips for flying with a busy toddler on a long-haul flight.   Board First First and foremost, don’t pass up your airline’s offer to board first. Airlines do this to help situate younger children before the plane takes off and ease the stress

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