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December 2019

Have you ever wandered around an abandoned waterpark? Or visited an island with more cats than people? Sure the tried and true tourist destinations are always winners when making travel plans but sometimes the best adventures are a little unconventional! For this we bring you, 20 unique destinations to spice up your adventures in 2020. By the end of this article, we think you'll have at least a couple of new items on your bucket list!  Lake Hillier, Australia This bubblegum tinted body of water is a stark contrast against

The Kingdom of Bhutan has become an overnight tourist hit for adventure enthusiasts all over the world after Lonely Planet named Bhutan the number one place to travel to in 2020. We decided to dig in and break down what makes Bhutan such a special place to make your next adventure destination.   Bhutan sits between India and China and has never been colonized in its history. Bhutan has developed a distinct national identity based on Buddhism. Buddhist morals dictate their laws, dress, and architecture. If you're looking for a

With the winter season nearing closer, we can almost feel the frost at our noses. While the sunbathers escape to the islands, the snow lovers run to the mountains. Whether you're a skier, snowboarder, tubing enthusiast, or just love making snow angels, a ski resort is fun for the whole family. As the demand continues to grow, ski resorts all over the world have grown to meet the need. Between all-inclusive accommodations, restaurants, and activities for all ages, they aren't just only about mountain sports anymore. Though that's

You may have caught our blog last week describing the 6 best adventures to embrace the cold this winter, but we know the cold isn’t for everyone. For those of us living in cold places as it is, an escape to a warm oasis might be just what you need. The holiday season can be a drag and sometimes we just need to get away from it all. Take a break and challenge yourself with a new adventure. We’ve put in the research and figured out the 9 best

A cruise is a perfect vacation for those looking for an all-inclusive getaway. Cruise lines come with included meals, planned excursions, family activities, and the perks go on! Though with the never-ending list of cruise options, it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to even start! Let's be the first one to say, your vacation planning shouldn't cause you extra stress before you even get going.You have many decisions to make when choosing a cruise line. Though it may be tempting to find the most budget-friendly

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