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April 2019

Ever been to festivals in your local community but want to experience something a little bigger? Events like these will give you the chance to dip your toes into a new environment and leave you with a festival experience of a life time. We've compiled a list of some of the best festivls all over the world and Guide Me Away offers special travel deals to get to them.   Burning Man (Black Rock Desert, Nevada) Art/Community Burning Man is not just an art festival, it’s a way of separating from society

Are you living in the New York City or Los Angeles Area? Israeli events are held frequently in both areas and have a very inviting community. We compiled a short list of upcoming events and some that take place annually. New York City Celebrate Israel Parade Month: June Website: Location: The parade is on Fifth Avenue and goes from 57th Street 74th Street. Price: Free! Celebrate Israel Parade is a fun-filled event including floats, music performances, and marching bands. The event celebrates the contribution that Israeli people have made on New York all over

Traveling with a toddler may sound like a big challenge but it doesn’t have to be if you are well prepared. We compiled a list of useful tips for you to make your travel experience more enjoyable. 1. Pick The Right Flight Time You know your toddler better than anyone when it comes to their sleep schedule. Do your best to schedule your flight based on your child’s nap time so they are more likely to sleep on the flight. Mid-morning is generally a time that works well for parents

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