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March 2018

Your destination is right around the corner!  The only thing standing between you and your travel spot is that dreaded flight. If you're like most people, you'll agree long flights aren't fun.  But your adventures and experiences await, so it's a necessary trade off. With some practical tips and patience, you can make your flight more of an enjoyable experience. Staying fresh on a flight will be determined by your specific needs and personality.  Being more prepared and regimented will better serve some individuals.  And some people want less structure and

Traveling is a privilege, and who wouldn't want to make full use of their journeys to explore and experience all that they could get when they are far away from home?? Take your accommodation choices to the next level by booking a stay with these unique hotels for your next trip!   Treehotel, Sweden Nestled in a village of approximately 600, Treehotel is a unique hotel in the sense that it is not a building with rooms in it, but a collective of multiple hotel rooms (named treerooms) spread out in

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