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November 2017

With so many wonderful moments and experience to look forward to in your travels, the one thing you don't want to be doing is wondering if you got the best deal. Fact: there are more than 148 million travel bookings made online each year. Over 65% of the hotel reservations are made from a smartphone for same day booking according to Expedia says consumers look at 38 different websites before making a booking. Suffice it to say, it is very competitive out there, and within reason, doing a

New York City, the Big Apple that is adored by the whole world. If you have New York in your bucket list of places to visit, then perhaps you are going to want to save these 5 kosher restaurant suggestions down! Previously, we went all upscale and recommended you 5 luxurious kosher restaurants in the world, so now we have gotten you 5 cheap kosher restaurants!   Taim Falafel & Smoothie Bar Famous for their falafel, this small and quaint kosher vegetarian eatery is a must-go in New York City. They

Travelling is not cheap, so we have compiled 15 must-have items that are below $10 for your next trip! By spending less on the necessities, you can spend more on making your travel experience extra memorable.   1. Moisturizer MUJI At the size of 50ml/1.69oz, this moisturizing milk/lotion is in the perfect size for travelling! Moisturizing is extremely important while travelling, as temperature and weather differences can really mess up your skin’s moisture and health. Keep your skin feeling and looking good on the inside and out!   2. Lip Balm BURT’S BEES As we have

Packing for a trip, vacation, or holiday sounds easy; but we all know that it is not. What seemed like it should take less than half an hour to complete ends up spanning across 3 full hours. We cannot guarantee that no tears were shed those times, but most of us have been there, done that. That being said, we want packing to be as easy as it should be, so we have prepared a list of basic packing tips for any traveler. Bring basic clothing Plain white

We all know traveling is expensive. But we also know it doesn't have to be or at least there are ways to substantially reduce the price.  There are far too many everyday expenses and costs of living that are taking another dollar out of your pocket for something.  It simply doesn't follow logic and reasoning to expect to go on a holiday and spare no expenses.  It just isn't practical and realistic.  So in order to treat ourselves or our family to a vacation that will etch lifelong memory's

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