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September 2017

  We have talked about travel agents, how travelling makes us better people, and top resorts for 2017 among other things.  One thing that is consistent among all of our journeys is technology.  Specifically gadgets, like cell phones, cameras or power charges, but there are many more.  As per usual, we thought putting a list together of some of these would help our readers and fellow travelers out. Tracking devices With technology changing fast these days, it is tough to continually have the latest or the greatest.  Thankfully, tracking devices are

Are you open to new experiences, sites, cultures, people? They say the world is our oyster… and it truly is.  But many of us don't embrace this idea.  Over the years, you can find many blogs and articles on this very topic - does travel make us better people.  In our minds it does , without question, without reservation and without doubt.  And below, we have pointed out 9 top reasons why.    1.      Travel Makes Us Realize Who We Really Are Taking trips overseas really does broaden ones perspective on the world

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