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15 Items Below $10 That You Need for Your Next Journey

Travelling is not cheap, so we have compiled 15 must-have items that are below $10 for your next trip! By spending less on the necessities, you can spend more on making your travel experience extra memorable.


1. Moisturizer


MUJI moisturizer

At the size of 50ml/1.69oz, this moisturizing milk/lotion is in the perfect size for travelling! Moisturizing is extremely important while travelling, as temperature and weather differences can really mess up your skin’s moisture and health. Keep your skin feeling and looking good on the inside and out!


2. Lip Balm



As we have mentioned before, keeping your lips moist and healthy is essential. Don’t end up having to try to hide your mouth in pictures by simply purchasing a trusty lip balm! We think that Burt’s Bees is great, because it is all natural and kind to Mother Nature.


3. Liquid Containers


travel bottle

Daiso is a Japanese dollar store that sells a large array of products at different flat rates(though most are typically priced at $1.50 in-store). For a fixed price, you get to choose similar products with very slight differences that best suit your needs, so be ready to be spoilt for choice! They do have an online store(, but it is for the most part for people who are in search of bulk purchases rather than just small quantities. While they have travel containers online(, it is best to check them out in-store to find something that would be most suitable for you.


4. Sunscreen


Eucerin Sunscreen

Protect your skin against harmful UV rays with sunscreen! With this sunscreen from Eucerin, you can safely apply it to your face too. Suitable for travelers with sensitive skin.


5. Earphones


JVC earphones

We all need that me-time in-flight, whether it is listening to music or watching movies/TV shows, so invest in a pair of earphones just for that! While flights generally provide us with their headphones, we all know how terrible the quality can be. A cheap option for a decent pair of earphones is this pair from JVC that you can get from Best Buy.


6. Bottle



With a handle that you can easily attach to your bag or simply hook onto your finger, the BlenderBottle is perfect for travelling with. The bottle is engineered for mixing protein shakes, so you can be assured that it will not leak. It can also withstand heavy impacts, such as dropping or hitting hard surfaces!


7. Luggage



The KNALLA sports bag is a great option to use as a carry-on, for it is small and ultra lightweight. On top of that, it is also foldable, so you can easily store it when you no longer need it(or open it up when you need it as an extra baggage to store those souvenirs that you can get nowhere else).


8. Backpack



This super lightweight backpack is perfect for travelling, or even for day-to-day use. Not only is it light and great for those journeys where you need space to store your items, it is also foldable. That way, if you no longer have the need for it, you can easily just fold it up and store it away. Also available in black and white for those who do not fancy bright colors!


9. Quart Bag



Go green and use this sturdy quart bag instead of the flimsy ziplock bags that you could easily throw into the trash! Flight 001’s quart bags are TSA-approved, so you don’t need to worry about walking into trouble at the airport(none of us fancy that…).


10. Travel Adapter


travel adapter

Okay, this is not $10 and below, but it is close enough and we just had to put this here, because it is an absolute essential! Having a international travel adapter is a must for those who aspire to travel the world. Instead of getting separate travel adapters for different regions of the world, just get this one and you are set for life. Not only is it easy to store, but you also do not need to spend extra money on collecting a variety of travel adapters like you are a Pokémon trainer catching all ‘em Pokémon, wanting to be the very best that no one ever was.


11. Throw



Don’t feel comfortable using the blankets that airlines provide you with? Get your hands on this throw then! With its minimalist design and light weight, travelling with this fleece throw will be a definite bliss.


12. Neck Pillow



We all have been there, thinking that we will be fine without a travel pillow, then end up getting a really sore neck and shoulder after a nap during our flights. IKEA’s neck pillow can be inflated and deflated to suit your preference, and its cover is removable so that you can easily keep it clean!


13. Travel Tags



Use a rubber tag instead of the paper ones you get from airlines at the airport. Not only is it more environmentally friendly, rubber tags can definitely withstand any mishaps, such as liquid spillage or something bigger like rain!


14. Stain Cleaner


tide stain cleaner

Accidents happen, so always be prepared for any stains on your clothes while travelling! If you have read our previous article, you’d know that we recommend wearing dark colors to avoid any unwanted stains to show. However, those yellow polo tees and white khakis are bound to magically appear in your suitcase, so no biggie, just bring along some stain cleaners with you on your next trip!


15. Rain Poncho/Raincoat



Weather changes are rapid and crazy in this age of global warming. And with that, we can never be too sure as to when it may rain. As global citizens, we should respect cultures and practice being kind to nature. Instead of getting a disposable poncho, snag this reusable poncho from IKEA! It even has its own front pocket, like how cute is that?!


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