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13 Must Know Tips Before Traveling With A Toddler

Traveling with a toddler may sound like a big challenge but it doesn’t have to be if you are well prepared. We compiled a list of useful tips for you to make your travel experience more enjoyable.

1. Pick The Right Flight Time

You know your toddler better than anyone when it comes to their sleep schedule. Do your best to schedule your flight based on your child’s nap time so they are more likely to sleep on the flight. Mid-morning is generally a time that works well for parents traveling with toddlers. Morning flights are generally less crowded too. If you happen to see some extra seats on the plain be sure to ask if you can move. Your child might be able to get their own seat if that’s the case.


2. Pack for Pressure

Bring an empty bottle and make sure you have enough water before getting on the plain. Try and have your toddler drink plenty of water 30 minutes before takeoff and decent. It’s also good to have something to suck on such as a pacifier to suck on or a cup with a straw during takeoff and landing. To increase sucking and chewing during the flight is likely to reduce pressure on the ears. In case of emergency of your child being in a lot of pain bring Calpol, ear drops.

3. Move Around When You Get The Chance

Toddlers need to move about freely at least every hour to get their wiggles out. If you find yourself on a long flight, plan on spending some time in the aisle getting a little exercise. According to, toddlers need 3 hours of physical activity per day. Allowing them to move a little bit before the flight can be more comfortable for your child on the flight

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4. Pack a Change of Clothes & Wet Wipes

Be sure to pack some spare clothes for your toddler and yourself. Wet wipes can always come in handy to problems that may arise. Even if you’re confident in your child to be accident-free it next hurts to be extra prepared.

5. Check In Early

Checking in early is likely to reduce chaos and help you to be well prepared. Most airlines allow families with young children to board first so be sure to ask at check-in.

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6. Try To Book  A Nonstop Flight

Schedule long flights around your child’s nap time. When you get a long flight your child is more likely to take a nap which can be really beneficial for the rest of your day. If you happen to get a transferring flight, instead of trying to force a nap, use it as a time to get their wiggles out.

7. Get A Seat On The Aisle Or Window Depending On The Length Of Your Flight.

Get a seat on aisle way if you are taking a long flight that way you are more mobile and can stand up at the appropriate time. Although you should always be cautious of the food carts passing by. If you are taking a shorter flight a window seat might be more beneficial if your toddler doesn’t mind sitting for an hour or so.

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8. Check The Flight Price and Regulations for Each Airline.

Most airlines are free to travel with a child 2 and under but be sure to check the prices and regulations beforehand. Some airlines require a birth certificate as well so bring a copy just in case!

9. Bring Snacks

Snacks are a great tool to keep kids busy and happy. It is best to bring snacks that are less likely to make a mess and won’t create crumbs. Remember that you can never bring enough snacks. Take a look at Kitchn’s post to get some ideas on what snacks to bring on the plane.

10. Bring Toys

Brings toys that are very mobile and likely to keep your toddlers attention for a long period of time. Some toys you might consider include crayons, finger puppets, little cars, or stickers. A little book is always nice to have for your child’s entertainment. Check out The Bump to find the best airplane toys for toddlers.

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11. Bring A Pillow

A pillow is likely to help with naps and improving the comfortably for you and your child on a long flight. To find some of the best pillows while traveling be sure to check out Learning Escapes.

12. Bring A Stroller

Bringing a stroller makes it much easier to get through security and walking through the airport. Check out Flying With A Baby to find the best travel stroller if you don’t have one already. Don’t forget to gate check your stroller!

13. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

When getting all your belongings in the overhead bin, feel free to ask the flight crew for help with your bags or toddler. You also shouldn’t hesitate to ask for pillows and blankets.


We aim to make your travels with all the preparation you need. We hope these tips will set you up for a fun and organized travel experience. To find out more about advice when traveling check out other blogs from Guide Me Away. Contact our Hebrew speaking travel agent in North America.


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