5 Great Hiking Spots in United States of America

As Spring approaches, it is time for countless people to pick hiking spots for some fantastic outdoor activities! Not that hiking during the winter season is not as popular, but now is a great time to start contemplating on which spots and where to go, and which season would be best to kickstart their hiking […]

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Travelers

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Still struggling with what Valentine’s Day gift to get for your partner? We’ve got your back with some ideas! Ranging from pricey options to wallet-friendly ones, take your pick!   Most expensive:(>$50) Compact photo printer A compact photo printer is an absolutely great Valentine’s Day gift for the […]

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5 Must-Go Destinations This Spring Break

When we think of Spring Break, we think of a typical hot, vibrant, and tropical destination like Miami and Cancún. This new year, do not settle for any of those two! Instead, go elsewhere; try new places, or even old! With 4 Spring Breaks in your college years, be special and explore destinations that your […]

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5 Southeast Asian Dishes You Must Try Before You Die

Southeast Asia, famous for its sandy beaches and everlasting summer, is also a food heaven for those in search of new flavors to satisfy their adventurous palates. Here we have 5 Southeast Asian dishes that you have got to get your taste buds on in this life!   Pad Kee Mao Where? Thailand. Pad Kee […]

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10 All-Inclusive Resorts Around the World You Must Visit!

If relaxing on the beach and listening to the waves while having a drink in your hand is your thing, I will suggest considering an all-inclusive resort. Food, drinks and activities included! Check out 10 all-inclusive resorts around the world that we have to share with you! Kosher ones included too!   Lifestyle Holidays Vacation […]

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GuideMeAway Partners with Agoda for Great Travel Deals

With so many wonderful moments and experience to look forward to in your travels, the one thing you don’t want to be doing is wondering if you got the best deal. Fact: there are more than 148 million travel bookings made online each year. Over 65% of the hotel reservations are made from a smartphone […]

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5 Cheap Kosher Eats in New York City That You Must Try

New York City, the Big Apple that is adored by the whole world. If you have New York in your bucket list of places to visit, then perhaps you are going to want to save these 5 kosher restaurant suggestions down! Previously, we went all upscale and recommended you 5 luxurious kosher restaurants in the […]

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15 Items Below $10 That You Need for Your Next Journey

Travelling is not cheap, so we have compiled 15 must-have items that are below $10 for your next trip! By spending less on the necessities, you can spend more on making your travel experience extra memorable.   1. Moisturizer MUJI At the size of 50ml/1.69oz, this moisturizing milk/lotion is in the perfect size for travelling! […]

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10 Basic Packing Tips for Every Traveller

Packing for a trip, vacation, or holiday sounds easy; but we all know that it is not. What seemed like it should take less than half an hour to complete ends up spanning across 3 full hours. We cannot guarantee that no tears were shed those times, but most of us have been there, done […]

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You don’t have to be rich to travel!

We all know traveling is expensive. But we also know it doesn’t have to be or at least there are ways to substantially reduce the price.  There are far too many everyday expenses and costs of living that are taking another dollar out of your pocket for something.  It simply doesn’t follow logic and reasoning […]

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